Growing hops in Hallertau, building ecosystems in Cascadia or completing Mozart’s Requiem in Lacrimosa are splendid pastimes, and the games that evoke these very particular backgrounds are solid and well thought out. But let’s face it: piloting spaceships, storming castles and carrying that damn Ring to a volcano surrounded by orcs and Nazgul, is what we REALLY need.

Perhaps it will be for the somewhat Metal soul that we nerds all have, some hidden and some manifesting, or it will also be for the love of nature and pristine landscapes, or even it will also be for a bit of healthy primordial instinct, but the fact remains that if we were to put animal silhouettes on a 4 die, one face would certainly host the good old Wolf.

And it is precisely this splendid animal; the leitmotif of The Wolves, a title for 2 to 5 players from Pandasaurus Games. Sometimes there is no need to complicate the lives of the players too much, and here we will simply find ourselves directing a pack of wolves in various types of territories. We will have to hunt of course, but also create shelters. Our alpha wolves will be the commanders of our hairy army and there will be no shortage of recruiting lone wolves, or betraying pack members attracted to more dominant specimens.

Although the mechanics are based on the control of the territory, the development of the herd plays a crucial role in the distribution of points: therefore it will not be enough to scatter specimens everywhere to control as much land as possible (with the risk, moreover, that they are dominated by other players), but the conservative game will also be crucial, to create lairs and hideouts and consolidate one’s four-fanged empire. And of course, the search for food won’t be missing! After all, we are still predators!

Limited duration, simple rules, modular map and very high interaction give this title great longevity; the different paths to victory will then give the players that healthy doubt at the end of the game; that “if I had played differently?” making you want another ride on the carousel.

This game has inside a plastic insert which houses the map tiles and the bulkier pieces very well. And of course, everything else is a mess, close to chaos and disorder. For fast games and impatients adversaries, therefore, a solution is needed.

Our organizer for The Wolves will keep all the packs well separated, each component will be in its slot ready to be boarded. So, forget the dead times and the lack of ease on the table, leave room only for your pack.

La colonna sonora perfetta per giocare come si deve a The Wolves? I Sonata Arctica, naturalmente: Full moon is on the sky and he’s not a man anymore!

The perfect soundtrack to play The Wolves properly? I Sonata Arctica, of course: Full moon is on the sky and he’s not a man anymore!

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