The Dicetroyers Team About Organizer Inserts


The Dicetroyers project is a laboratory of ideas, the occasion we have to offer to the most demanding gamers the magic touch to get gaming experience even better.

We demand the best, and our products are the image in the mirror of our efforts: from raw materials to the final instructions, every single step has been measured, evaluated, kept under pressure and, finally, appreciated.

Every product is the fruit of an experience. Of a match won or badly lost, of that piece lost and never found, of a manual that has been read till its pages have been consumed, of many hours spent trying to find a way to get better that what is beautiful yet. And if you read between the lines of our pictures and descriptions, you’ll find all these experiences: they’ll be told by a hidden engraved symbol, a shutter designed not to lose anything, a meeple-saver and other small, imperceptible details which make these products, which we’re proud of, something that will ignite a spark of joy. After all, this is the reason why we all play.

We love to think that we’re not just offering you mere organizers, accessories or trays, but a small part of us, of our world made of precision, tidiness but, above all, satisfaction in seeing the birth of something new. This is the reason why our products have to be assembled: to let you experience what we experience when creating and to make you feel a part of this group, the Dicetroyers.

When you get one of our products, our aim is to let you feel, time after time and piece after piece, the heat and will to play that we have when assembling our first prototype.

It’s not just a tray, not even just an organizer. Knowing that you’re using our products makes us feel like having you as our guests in our lab, shouting together “Shut up, and setup!”

Call Them… Setupper!

The Dicetroyers About Organizer Inserts

A product which merely “tidies up” isn’t enough for us. We want both a beautiful and functional accessory, one that is unique for every game, that can overcome all needs during setup, gameplay and teardown.

We don’t just demand tidiness, but quickness, space optimization and, why not, aesthetics. When we design, one thing is crucial for us: your time.

The time you save for setup, to find a missing piece, to put back everything immediately or not to read again that rule you always forget. Our quest is to let you play better, without neither downtime, nor unuseful moves. Because all players deserve a… Setupper!