We’ve always been gamers: we started with Dungeon and Dragons and Magic, and then converted more and more to German and American boardgames. The table has always been our battlefield. We have tabled dice, cards, meeples or miniatures, but one thing has never changed: competition, collaboration and, more generally sharing, have always been the sparks that have brought us to where we are today. Always around a table, but perhaps with a little more experience.

It was the year 2018 and we still didn’t know many things: about pandemics, artificial intelligence, war at the gates of Europe… But not even about Root, Gloomhaven, Ark Nova or Cascadia.

However, we knew one thing well: if you want to play properly, you need to be well prepared.

We started with a problem, a big one for us: chaos in the board game. That mess that confuses or wastes time, in general, does not allow us to live our passion 100%.

We armed ourselves with graphic design programs, cutters, glue and a lot of goodwill. I still remember A3 sheets of polyplat printed with the cutting lines, our aching wrists furrowing them, to produce small pieces to be assembled with the ubiquitous vinyl glue. And I also remember the immense joy in seeing how it was transformed into our very first organizer prototype.

There were so many ideas, enthusiasm was skyrocketing, but we decided to start with a small game so as not to give in to frustration and too many design errors. And Patchwork was just what we needed. 2 players game with enough components, table space, and long setup time to give us a reason to create our first “Chaos Purifier”. Once the last piece was assembled and everything was inserted into the game box, a cheer like the ones of Champions League soccer final materialized in our minds and, from that moment on, the idea became reality and reality became history.

It took forever to design the 3 little boxes that make up our first project: we started from scratch on creating such products and we really had very few examples. And perhaps this is what has led us, to date, to count more than 150 products in our The Dicetroyers catalogue: we felt like those colonizers who, with a caravan, left New York for promised and unexplored lands, ready for anything to create something unique.

And just like the settlers of the new world, with every new challenge we responded with new ideas; with every problem, solutions arose. From Patchwork was born Caverna, from Caverna Terra Mystica and Puerto Rico, then Marco Polo and Tzolk’in and then Mage Knight. From there on, we never stopped. And we won’t stop, that’s for sure.

And we owe to you, who believe in this project the evolution from the small home of Patchwork to the immense castle of Bloodborne, from the cozy cottage of Creature Comforts to our personal spaceship of Nemesis, from the pagodas of Tang Garden to the Woodcraft laboratory.

From a small house lost in who knows where, a city was born; all made of wood, all in compartments, all well-organized. We are in there with you, and all together we make it thrive. Other sheds and other skyscrapers will rise in the streets of passion, rest assured.

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