Over the years, the world of board games has expanded dramatically, reaching thousands of titles and hundreds of game mechanics. A classification had to be made for this uncontrolled proliferation of canned neurons; and, contaminations aside, publishers, authors and enthusiasts have gradually created a thick family tree.

And so, when we hear about worker placement, we immediately think of the great genre of “Eurogames”; when we see miniatures and dice the word American immediately comes to our mind.

However, there are many small branches of the great playful tree which many masterpieces belong to: somewhat borderline genres, which wink at those who throw dice compulsively but also at those who plan the entire game from the first round. One of these is “one versus all”; let’s think for example about the game The Others, where a player who personifies one of the deadly sins tries to do as much harm as possible to the small group of other players.

And what about a fitting setting for this genre like the cold northern land where groups of unfortunate settlers have spotted an enormous and fierce creature who has the sole objective of devouring flocks, devastating ecosystems and tearing entire villages to pieces?

In Beast, the aforementioned evil creature will not be alone with sheep and settlers of course but will have to deal with very fierce hunters equipped with bows, arrows, traps and lots and lots of willpower.

One of the most intriguing features of this title is the movement of the beast. Yes, because after the first sighting at the start of the game, the player who plays her will always be hidden at every movement, with all due respect to the hunters who will only be able to find her after a search action in the exact place where she is.

This mechanic makes this game almost a detective game a la Sherlock Holmes: the hunters will have to carefully coordinate all their movements, partly to track down the beast and partly to prevent it from doing too much damage in the meantime.

The length of playing is incredibly short; the authors have done an exceptional job to put lots and lots of irons in the fire without oversizing the playing time: in an afternoon, if everyone knows the rules, you can even play three games; in short, revenge is assured.

A game with limited times also deserves minimal setup times, but the number of materials inside the box is certainly a lot: with 6 beasts and their different sets, 6 different hunters, resources and cards you can easily waste time dividing the components.

To avoid a beastly mess, our Beast organizer has dedicated containers for each beast, resource holders and card holders with dedicated slots, for a quick and painless setup.

After all, the hunt cannot wait. Seeing is believing!

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