In the heat of the desert, we see a small village populated by strange yokels, where the only noteworthy building holds the sign “Saloon”. Our caravan brought us here; perhaps we will be able to give some water to the thirsty horses. But we won’t stay here any longer than needed.

Really? No, because people’s faces are really wired: a little yellow and a little greenish. They speak an incomprehensible language; we heard many dialects during this trip, but never one made up only of vowels and gurgles. But above all, there is a strange smell, halfway between spoiled meat and that cactus liqueur that they passed off to us as something divine a few villages ago; the reason we were forced to take too many stops to calm our insides.

Maybe… Here we go again: wasn’t it enough for us to shoot the undead among the skyscrapers of New York, roast them with fireballs between the towers of a castle or fry them with lasers in an abandoned spaceship? No, now we can find them at the grocery store, at the cattle cars, at the sheriff’s office and even at Mrs. Macallan’s brothel too. But didn’t we have enough?

Absolutely not, because we can never get enough Zombicide! If the first and second Urban editions taught us that not even a registry office employee is undead enough, if the Black Plague edition showed us how Gandalf has fun blowing heads off; if the Invader edition taught us that Alien is beautiful (yes!) but it’s better with zombies: Zombicide: Undead or Alive takes us into the new world, puts sticks and colts in our hands and makes us understand that the west is never too far for walkers, runners and abominations.

Between clichés, genius, nuns, cowboys, Spaghetti Westerns and explosions, fun with this game, that now knows no limits or boundaries, is guaranteed. Those geniuses at CMON couldn’t have targeted our gaming passions better, and this edition was also a huge success, both in the Kickstarter campaign and in retail.

However, what is always missing is good organization: the hundred or so miniatures of the base game alone really struggle to fit in the box, not to mention the cards, tokens and map tiles.

We at The Dicetroyers cannot stand two things: abominations and disorder. We have organized everything, or almost everything, about Zombicide. And with our organizer for Zombicide: Undead or Alive we killed two birds with one stone, or rather, two zombies at once. Every miniature will be in its place, every card will be ready for use in an instant, every token will be confined to its slot.

The result? A Wild West never so tidy, for attacks on the caravan by true connoisseurs. Seeing is believing!

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