It is easy to talk about management games: lovers of German games, or Eurogame, know well what means to be in harmony between mechanics and setting, between abstract game and real play, between a group solitaire and a race to the last resort with a thrilling final rush.

Sacred monsters, organized by us, The Dicetroyers, like Terra Mystica, Agricola, or Puerto Rico, often relive their second youth with versions with similar mechanics but completely different settings. As they say, the genius steals, the mediocre copies, and the fine line between a clone and an excellent reinterpretation is often trodden, on the good side or on the bad side, in countless recent titles: like Viticulture, for example, for the “rush” mechanics similar to Puerto Rico and with a resource management “Agricola” style; or the subject of this article, Clans of Caledonia.

Asymmetrical factions; an hexagonal board that gets smaller and smaller; always too few resources to manage; and a clan to lead to glory. The memory of Terra Mystica is very present in this title, and many say it is yet another clone of it. In part it is true, but it is a reinterpretation done so well, amalgamating mechanics of other games (for example the market that adjusts according to supply and demand), that the memory fades from the first part of the game, to make room for neverending struggle for supremacy.

Because in the end, what matters is having fun, spending many hours testing your brain for the ultimate optimization. And Clans of Caledonia serves this purpose very well.

If the comparisons of the gameplay, as mentioned above, are well-fitting, the other point in common is the game setup. Cows, sheep, barrels, cards, tokens, all condensed into a box of almost ridiculous dimensions.

Solving the main problem of “the hardcore Eurogamer” is our duty. Of course we are talking about fast setup in a few minutes.

And here you are, our organizer for Clans of Caledonia: 4 trays for players, with the various components already divided and ready to be put in place thanks to the removable shutters; 1 coin purse with slot for various denominations; 1 resource holder and 3 token holders will accompany you during the setup, holding you by the hand while you realize that an eurogame with all those pieces can also be set up in no time.

Because time is precious, especially when the desire rises.

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