A few days ago we were organizing a game of Nucleum, an “Eurogame”, with a lot of strategy, a lot of tactics and, above all, a ton of components to play.

We were going to play the fourth or fifth game. I opened the lid and found everything well organized in our organizer. In a few minutes we were ready to play. And while we were playing, i remembered the first game, which I had obviously organized out of passion for playing, but also to understand how to design our setupper for Nucleum. In no less than twenty small packs to open, we separated tokens, we prepared player boards by juggling between the meeples, we looked for the experiment action tokens A, B, C and D among the special and standard action tokens (they have the same shape and one of the two slightly different sides) and, after a good half hour, we were ready to play. At the end of the game, after more than two hours of racking our brains, and after putting everything back in place, we wondered what the purpose of three empty ziplocks remaining was. I would have found out at the start of the next game, obviously with great disappointment.

I really love Nucleum, and when I like a game, my first hope is to design a setupper around it. So, I turn on the PC and spasmodically look at the ranking of our Coming Soon page, hoping that the title I love is also there, among the most voted or that it stands out in the list of the many games that you suggest we organize.

Obviously, we would like to organize everything, but the god of time imposes a selection. Naturally, we carefully look at the various rankings on boardgamegeek and specialized sites and compare ourselves in the eternal struggle between German and American, between the niche title and the best seller, between Kickstarter and retail versions. And at the end of the internal comparison, we return to our coming soon page, and scroll through the results of the open survey.

And this is where everything happens: you who rub the lamp by voting, and us who grant your wishes. The first three titles voted (Aladdin docet) will go to our launch pad and will become setuppers! After that, the titles that you most suggested in the survey opened at the bottom of the page will be put to vote, to renew your desires and our projects.

Naturally, our launch pad will also include titles that come from our collaborations with various publishers, as was the case, for example, with The Lost Ruins of Arnak (CGE), Black Rose Wars: Rebirth (Ludus Magnus), Last Aurora (Pendragon Game Studio), Cascadia (Little Rocket); our thanks naturally go to them too.

Every product in our catalog also exists thanks to you, your passion but, above all, your participation. Without you I wouldn’t have properly accomplished organizer projects like Terra Mystica, Nemesis, Sleeping Gods, Wingspan, Darwin’s Journey and much, much more.

So, thank you all, and please continue to participate to our Coming Soon page, because your vote matters!

Discover also the other games in our catalog and contact us for any request or question!