A warrior, a wizard and a thief walk into a bar … No, this is not a joke, but it’s the starting point used by many RPG campaigns; first assemble a party of adventurers hungry for glory and wealth, and then throw them into a dungeon full of dangers: simple but effective expedient. 

Gloomhaven is inspired by the illustrious tradition of pen-and-paper role-playing games to offer a tactical tabletop dungeon crawler, in which exploration and adventure are organized in real campaigns that follow the Scenario Book. 

Gloomhaven has a strong narrative imprint: this new world is constantly changing and evolving, campaign after campaign, based on the decisions of the players who have left the safety of the Gloomhaven city walls to explore the darkest corners of this land. 

The collaboration, the tactical ingenuity and the personal skills of each hero will be essential to escape the pitfalls of the dungeons and defeat the monsters. 

The combat system is diceless, using special cards which define initiative, actions and successes, meanwhile enemies and monsters follow personal fighting styles. 

The cooperative nature of the game doesn’t rule out personal interests, because each player will have a personal mission that will shape his behaviors and overall the storytelling. 

To bring its world to life, Gloomhaven includes an impressive amount of components: 185 terrain tiles, 18 miniatures, 17 character boards, about 1600 cards divided into 11 different types, 236 monster tokens, about 300 tokens for summonings, conditions, damages, objectives, moneys, characters, elements and auxiliaries; 24 pedestals, 35 cases, 4 HealthPoints / XperiencePoints counters, 6 monster stat pockets, an elemental infusion board and everything needed for the storytelling, such as the Character Sheets, different  manuals including the Scenarios, the map and even sealed envelopes! 

Organizing your resources is a prerequisite for an adventurer who wants to return home alive and so we have forged the Organizer for Gloomhaven

The Organizer, 100% compatible with the Italian and English editions of the game, uses a base to hold the cases, the character and monsters sheets, and the counters. 

Two boxes hold the 185 terrain tiles, dividing them into 19 slots on which are chiselled with their corresponding type of token to facilitate their subdivision at the end of the game and their set-up at the beginning. 

A similar organization is used for other tokens with two small boxes with 22 slots; intuitive to rearrange and divided by tipe. 

The huge pile of cards is organized into two card holders: the first dedicated to small-sized cards with 15 slots sorted by letter and item numbering, the second reserved to large-sized cards divided into three categories. The spaces of the individual slots are designed to accommodate enveloped ones too. 

Finally, the monsters are hold in two special trays with individual spaces bearing identification engravings to divide them according to type. 

Now shut up, set up and slay the monsters! 

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