All board game enthusiasts, who approach titles with more tokens than the pieces of chess, know this well: our passion is always almost equal to the frustration when having to set up a big boardgame.

Often, the quality and the class of a game increases with the number of components, and we find ourselves literally overwhelmed by the number of miniatures, tokens, meeples and others of our beloved components.

How many times has it happened, for lack of time or desire, to turn to play games like Patchwork instead of Cavern, quoting Rosenberg’s masterpieces, for the terror of having to open Pandora’s Boxes with hundreds of resources, cards and other pieces?

How many times does that beautiful sealed box, once the ties have been removed, the meeple bagged, the papers and the admired miniatures packed, turns into a container that is no longer closable, uncomfortable and completely disorganized inside?

And how many times have you seen the discouraged faces of your guests as you take out the 30th purse, trying to find where to place it on your already packed table?

The Dicetroyers project was born from here, from this problem, and our mission is to solve it. Because we firmly believe that more than the deluxe piece, more than the umpteenth expansion, more than the exclusivity, the true value of a game well played is the time and the order. Our belief is to get you to pick abandoned boxes sitting in the dust allowing you to choose with serenity among all the games you have, not just those ones easy to setup.

Hence the word that sums up our philosophy: Setupper. Behind this concept is the tireless design work that leads to our products, based on a few solid words:

Time: sometimes a tyrant, sometimes money, but always a large part of what we need to do what we like to do. This is the first word that supports our setuppers. Minimizing preparation time is perhaps the most important part of our product design. Even before drawing a line on a drawing pad, we sit at the table and thoroughly analyze all the steps for the preparation of a game. After, and only after, trays will be created with compartments that we think are the most sensible to speed up the setup. The player sets will always be separate, the cards divided by type, you will never find a piece in a place that will make your life complicated. Many organizers stack components in a few boxes, without the aim of speeding up, without a vision of the time saved. Sometimes it happened that we abandoned some projects altogether, precisely because it was not possible for us to speed up the setup to the maximum and as desired, for reasons of space or mere logic. The very choice of games to organize is focused precisely on this: those who have more setup problems are welcome to join our projects. Cavern, Blood Rage, Star Wars: Rebellion, Puerto Rico, A Feast for Odin, are just some of the titles on which we have had great satisfaction in terms of time savings. Some even went from half an hour to a couple of minutes of preparation. These are the projects that we believe are the best, and the reason is well planted in a time trial.

Order. It is a concept that, to be honest, can sometimes be very subjective, but we like to think of it as “having the right things, in the right place”. Chromatic order for example: opening a box and seeing a shapeless mass of colors can be extremely annoying. Volumetric order: filling a flush box with ad hoc sized containers is one of the things that gives us the most satisfaction. Mental order: more often than you think, having a piece in a tray together with other pieces that fall within the same preparation steps means remembering where that piece goes, without putting your hand to the manual, desperately looking for its location. Having, for example in Vast: The Mysterious Manor, or in Root, each piece of each character set in a single tray, is a very important setup aid.

Beauty. This is also an extremely subjective concept, but beauty often hides in the darkest crevices, or in the most hidden slots. For us, beautiful and functional must always meet: for example, drawing guide engravings in the slots of our trays, captivating designs with the specific purpose of knowing what goes where. Or drawing details and decorations on the walls and bases of our trays, as in Tang Garden, The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, Nemesis, Mage Knight Ultimate, and many, many others. Details that recall the game and that embellish setup and gameplay. Precious chests from which it is very satisfying to extract, and in which it is beautiful to store, our treasures.

In short, the gaming experience for us is speed, order and beauty. All the games we most love, deserve a… Setupper!

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