In the gargantuan world of board games, where at least two titles are “baked” every day, it is difficult to extricate yourself. Some try to follow the polar star of the publisher, others the star of an author, still others the star of a particular theme. But very often new publishers, emerging designers or very special settings change the cards on the table and give us pearls of rare beauty. Titles such as Root, Wingspan or Gloomhaven, despite starting off quietly, have established themselves in a very short time and, to this day, remain milestones in the world of board games.

Predicting well in advance which games will climb the charts is complex, but it is even more complex to understand which of these games will pass the test of time, remaining anchored for years at the top of rankings of popular board game website like BoardGameGeek. We are talking about titles such as Puerto Rico, Brass, Agricola, evergreens that have not yet begun to lose their first leaves.

It seems like yesterday, but instead it was 2016, when a young Alexander Pfister, after the publication of the wonderful Mombasa, came out with Great Western Trail.  A game with a classic setting, German-style, a deck building mechanics and a game engine construction. So far, nothing extraordinary.

Instead, in a very short time this title climbed the charts and got good judgment of the critics. It established itself as one of the best Eurogames ever. The question therefore arises: what was his secret?

Perhaps it could be the deck building, present but not main mechanic? Or maybe the “washer” mechanic, where to score points and improve the game engine you travel continuously from zero point, your farm, to Kansas city? Or is there more? From our humble point of view there is not much else; but what makes this game special is the fluidity.

It’s not an easy task to create a game designed to be balanced, intuitive, easily playable but at the same time deep, complex and never frustrating. Hours and hours are needed for testing; an almost oriental harmony is needed to balance different mechanics, or perhaps it’s needed a spark of genius that is almost invisible to those who play, but which ignites the spirits of those who join the table for the challenge.

Whatever the secret of this game is, let’s enjoy it in all its magnificence, now with this second edition: completely polished off graphics and respectable components. Of course, something is missing… but what?

Despite a respectable internal thermoformed tray, a lot of clutter invades the game box, especially once the cards have been placed in sleeves, and the frustration of having to setup arises. And, we at The Dicetroyers could not accept this flaw that affects the crystalline splendor of this game.

So here it is! Our setupper for Great Western Trail: Second Edition, with trays for each player, cards divided by type and resource tray with the purpose of not transforming the game table into a shapeless jumble of pieces. Well, of course we had also thought about the first edition (2016), organized also to host the Rails to the North expansion.

The best games deserve the best setuppers, and we believe that setting up a game well extends its life. Seeing is believing!

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