In the 1930s, fossil energy sources completely ran out, causing a global energy crisis… What? Didn’t the story go like this? In this world you are completely right, but not in the dystopian reality of Barrage, a 100% Made in Italy strategic boardgame for the management of resources, winner of two La Tana del Goblin prizes for 2020, jury prize and fan prize.

In this alternative storyline, technological evolution has rapidly depleted fossil deposits, prompting massive use of hydroelectric energy and leading four energy companies to fight for dominance over this resource by building dams and distributing the energy produced to their plants.

The game, characterized by a typically steampunk atmosphere, enriches the genre with two mechanics.

The Construction Wheel stores resources and actions, and regenerates them only once it has made a complete turn: the more efficient their management, the sooner they will be restored to invest them again.

The other peculiar aspect of Barrage is water, which is a shared, disputed and infinite resource: the location of a dam further upstream allows to limit the flow further downstream, without however completely canceling it.

By investing resources and employing special skills, each player will have to achieve energy requirements and personal contractual objectives to obtain a monopoly on the world of Barrage.

Barrage boasts a myriad of game components including tokens, meeples and tiles: over 300, to which are added two maps, several planks and the four distinctive Construction Wheels.

However, this brilliant game is penalized by the disorganization that reigns in the box, which cannot manage adequately all these elements: just to start the game it can take up to 25 minutes to separate, arrange all the components and set up the game table.

However, this problem can be solved thanks to our Barrage Organizer, which reduces the setup time to just 4 minutes thanks to a tailor made series of boxes, token holders and trays!

Two boxes are dedicated exclusively to the quick setup of the main board, welcoming contracts, neutral dams-elevations, advanced technologies, objective tiles, sources, initial placement token, final target and automaton tiles, each with its own dedicated housing.

These two boxes are followed by four to separate the game components of each player: each container shows the symbol of its energy company engraved, to further help distinguish them and to give an extra touch of class.

The smaller and more numerous meeples find dedicated bag holders with an easy pick inclined plane, while a tray with three slots allows you to store the different coins (both the cardboard retail version and the metal ones from Kickstarter campaign); finally, a last box allows you to collect the executive officers.

Finally, the key element of Barrage, the Construction Wheels: our Organizer offers a space to house the original ones, but in addition we offer our MDF version, with a double-layer rotating element and a token blocker to facilitate the movement of the wheel.

The Construction Wheels, which can be purchased separately or bundled with the Organizer, can replace the original, thinner and more fragile ones, which risk being damaged in an unorganized box or simply due to wear.

Set-up, shut up and build a dam!

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