A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away 

Or rather, almost 45 years ago on the third planet from the Sun, the world knew Star Wars: a visionary man brought a classic fairy tale of modern times to the big screen, with knights, princesses to save, spaceships and alien creatures. And even if all started as a simple movie, in the end became legend

Because it cannot be defined in any other way a saga that, in addition to the nine main films, has produced countless spin-off movies, TV series, books, comics, video games and, of course, board games; constantly expanding the boundaries of this fascinating universe, building a complex mythology, letting us dream about distant worlds and adventures (Adventure! Hm! Emotions! Ugh! A Jedi does not aspire to these things), and making people passionate about characters who will remain forever in our hearts. 

And whether you love, hate or ignore Star Wars, there is no doubt that this saga has helped to remodel the imagination of generations: you must have been frozen in carbonite for five decades if you have never seen a light saber or the black-clad figure of Darth Vader, or heard the trumpet blast of the main theme, or the sinister triplets of the imperial march, or the phrase ‘May the Force be with you’. 

And it’s precisely this last sentence that decided the day to celebrate Star Wars: on May 4th, since ‘May the fourth’ sounds very similar to ‘May the Force’, all the Jedi and the Sith raise their light sabers, the pilots jump into their spaceships, the Stormtroopers miss their sights, Mon Calamari fall into a trap, and Mandalorians fly their jetpacks to celebrate their passion. 

Because Star Wars has touched the imagination of millions and millions of people, generation after generation; and for every obstacle, fall or mistake (three words, Jar-Jar Binks) in the saga, there were unforgettable moments, intense emotions and spectacular scenes (The Mandalorian S2 finale). 

And like these millions of people, we are also here to celebrate May 4th, both as individuals and as The Dicetroyers: in fact, Star Wars is also a board game and as keepers of peace and order “in the boxes” we have created organizers for Star Wars Rebellion, Star Wars: Imperial Assault and for Star Wars: Outer Rim, discounted by 15% just for the occasion to celebrate George Lucas’ universe. 

Shut up, set up and may the Force be with you! 

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