The Puzzle’s Itch & Trinity – Long


A module for The Puzzle – The universal tray system to organize and play your favourite board games.

Itch is the rune of adaptability: this tray series is designed to fit small sized cards as well as big tokens or tiles. Decks and piles will never be a problem anymore.

Trinity is the rune of perfection: this tray series is designed to fit lots of different components, from tokens, to meeples, to other small sized pieces. A simple, and efficient, solution.


Size of assembled accessory: 8 x 22 x 3.3 cm – The Puzzle is a modular system. The individual containers are multiples of each other in size. You are purchasing a “long” container, which means that it will occupy the space of two medium containers, lengthwise.

Details & Instructions: Itch & Trinity – Long

The Puzzle Itch and Trinity Long universal organizer tray system for small sized cards big tokens or tiles tokens meeples and other small sized pieces The Dicetroyers
The Puzzle’s Itch & Trinity – Long


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Technical Specs:

  • 1x tray with 3 slots. Internal dimension of the 2 lateral slots 7.4 x 5 x 3 cm. Internal dimension of the central slot 7.4 x 10.7 x 3 cm. This tray is designed to fit small cards or tiles in the lateral slots, meeples or other small sized pieces in the central slot. Can fit several card sizes, tested with 45x68mm; 41x63mm; 43x65mm sleeved and unsleeved cards;
  • 1x box with 4 slots which can be put into the central slot of the tray. Internal dimensions of each slot 3.2 x 4.8 x 2.7 cm.


Stackable: perfectly stackable thanks to our interlocking system.

Acrylic lids: acrylic lids available here.

Universal: create your kit and use it for as many games as you want.

Box compatible: you can also store them into the boxes of your games.


Pieces to assemble: 16


The photos show examples of the organizers in use. You are only purchasing the organizer; the game pieces and box are not included. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners. This product is not a toy. Contains small parts that can be swallowed or inhaled. 14+

Which pieces can fit into the trays?

The tray type of every tray of The Puzzle is matched by the corresponding rune. In the product description you can find indications on which kind of pieces can fit and, if you have any doubt, you can also check the technical specs which report all exact internal slot dimensions.

In your description you mention a "modular tray system". What does it mean?

The Puzzle is thought to be a modular system. Each single tray is multiple in dimension of another. The “small” tray is width per length 1×1; “medium” is 1×2; “large” is 2×2 and “long” is 1×4. So, for example, two “small” trays match exactly one “medium” tray and 2 “medium” trays match a “large”, or “long” tray, depending on how you’ll put them side by side.

In your description you mention that trays can be stacked. What does this mean?

Every tray has small legs which are designed to be put on a surface, or on top of another tray. Trays have carved top lateral sides to accommodate the legs of upper trays. It is not necessary to have identical trays to be stacked: on top of a “long” tray you can put 4 “small”, or 2 “medium”, trays, legs will match with upper carvings anyway.

What about game box compatibility? Can i put trays into my game boxes?

We designed trays around a “universal box compatibility” concept. In a A4 game box (eg Puerto Rico, Orleans, Lorenzo il Magnifico…), which is a small-mid surface box, you can put 4 “large” trays side by side, leaving space on top for a game board and manuals. You can stack the trays into higher boxes too.

Is there a lid available for this module?

Of course! Acrylic lids are sold separately: to find out which lid is the one for your tray, check the dimension on the product title : “small” trays have “small” lids, and so on.

Can modules also fit sleeved cards?

Of course they can! Check the technical specs to find out which card size fits the tray, for mentioned card size sleeved fit is guaranteed. For further information visit our FAQ page.