In space nobody can hear you scream…

This famous phrase is well suited to Nemesis, a semicooperative boardgame inspired by the sci-fi and horror classics, including the Ridley Scott saga.

The players will play the crew of a spaceship; they will have to escape the clutches of the Intruders, a race of hostile aliens that has invaded the spacecraft and threatens the lives of the brave astronauts.

Each of the player-controlled characters will have a specific skillset, with strengths and weaknesses, which makes the ability to cooperate to achieve the objectives assigned at the start of the game crucial.

Be careful though, it is precisely semi-cooperative: some players will have other personal goals and will be willing to do anything to achieve them … And if you are faced with an alien ready to kill you, mors tua vita mea is a more than valid tactic.

In addition to alien threats, spaceship malfunctions will jeopardize the lives of our heroes, forcing them to carefully manage time and limited resources to face every challenge, survive and return to Earth all in one piece.

Play and storytelling come together to create an immersive experience with high voltage climatic moments that capture the players, represented by 26 highly detailed and well-made miniatures.

Added to these are over 300 cards for character skills, fights and events, 20 cardboard room tiles, 200 tokens, character cards and a plastic insert to help arrange the game elements.

In Nemesis time is a precious resource, both for its characters and its players: for this reason we designed our Organizer for Nemesis to set up the numerous game elements and prepare the game in no time.

The more than 300 Nemesis cards belong to different categories, therefore we have prepared several deck holders to divide them more effectively.

The setup card holders are designed vertically, creating a rack with slots for each of the types of cards: the correct housing is indicated by the inscription engraved on the side of the pack.

The deck holders used during the game, on the other hand, are horizontal trays and each one is distinct from the others with a symbol engraved on the bottom, corresponding to the category of card it must accommodate: this structure ensures maximum visibility and drawing ease.

All the deck holders are designed to accommodate sleeved cards, to preserve the condition of the game elements over time without hindering setup and post-game reordering.

Various boxes allow you to organize the different types of tokens and to neatly contain the cards of the rooms; a tray is reserved for the different indicators, while a dedicated container holds the card stands and the dice, showing a very elaborate design with two xenomorphic tails that emerge from one end.

While looking like an element of hindrance, our obsessive attention to organization allows to perfectly fit boxes between the two tails, not sacrificing even a square centimeter and at the same time gratifying the aesthetic taste of the player.

Finally, being miniatures the flagship of Nemesis, the trays to welcome, protect and organize them are the element of which we are most proud of our Organizer.

A ‘cage’, adorned with a detailed emblem engraved on the side, allows the aliens to be contained: by removing the appropriate piece they are freed on the game board to start the game; the heroes instead have a separate miniature rack, adorned with DNA double helices.

Setup, shut up and survive!

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