Even for boardgame fans, strategic titles focused on resource management are certainly very demanding, requiring concentration and planning skills worthy of the best chess player.

Those who appreciate them, however, will find great satisfaction in seeing their kingdom, nation or people grow and expand, becoming a perfectly oiled machine and dominating the other players … And certainly these boardgames are responsible for more than a friendship’s end: Catan docet!

Scythe is part of this trend, a strategic game of economic management, territorial expansion and combat set in an alternative version of the post-war Europe, pervaded by a strongly steampunk atmosphere.

The Great War was fought with mechs and now five factions try to emerge from the rubble of the conflict, trying to overwhelm each other and opposing the city-state responsible for the conflict, simply known as “The Factory”.

Acquisition of territories and resources, construction of structures, recruitment of troops and expansion of the population are the key aspects for success in Scythe, which exploits the steampunk setting to offer each player a devastating trump card: the mechs!

Scythe is an asymmetric game, in which each faction has different characteristics and objectives, which determine different ways to approach the game and thus offer a good replay value by virtue of the uniqueness of the interactions between strategies and players, from a minimum of one (against a bot) to a maximum of five.

This boardgame implements a particular system to make turns faster and leaner, and offers several opportunities for direct conflict, even without leading to the direct elimination of one of the participants.

Titles like this are a marvel to the eyes, with great care for the artwork and for the game elements: these, as can be expected from such a game, are indeed a lot, and therefore require time for their setup.

But those who have the ability to plan their strategy wisely will have the ideal solution ready: an Organizer!

Scythe’s Organizer smartly divides the space available and collects all the elements of each faction in special dedicated trays, easily recognizable because each has the symbol that identifies the corresponding faction engraved on it.

Scythe’s Organizer therefore contains five pawn-holders and five miniature holders that protect the beautiful wooden tokens and plastic mech figures.

Another tray allows you to organize cards and tiles, dividing them in five different slots that can also accommodate sleeved cards (up to 60 microns thick).

A coin tray collects the five types of coins in five slots, each decorated with the corresponding currency symbol, and also offers space for storing the fight boards.

Finally, a last box allows to house resource and the compass tokens, also here organizing them in five separate spaces.

Scythe’s Organizer emphasizes the speed of setup by separating all the beautiful game elements by faction and making each container easily recognizable thanks to the engravings, which at the same time embellish the product.

Setup, shut up and gather resources!

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