Marco Polo is an Italian character well known for his historic journey from the Serenissima Republic of Venice to China along the Silk Road, narrated in his manuscript Il Milione.

A complex figure, a bit explorer, a bit merchant and a bit diplomat, who inspired two games, made by the Italians Luciani and Tascini, The Voyages of Marco Polo and Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan: the first one covers the journey from Italy to China, the latter the return to the West.

Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan, like the first board game, combines different elements of economic and strategy games, such as placement of workers, resource management and bargaining, adding asymmetrical elements to players.

In Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan two to four players try to accumulate the most victory points over five rounds by visiting cities, selling resources, joining guilds, placing outposts and activating cards: the actions that can be performed are regulated from a dice-based mechanism, even if luck has relatively a low impact.

The degree of interaction between players is high, because the competition to reach certain locations first or to exploit limited resources is high, and the great variety of actions and game elements opens up a large number of possibilities that make each game unique.

The game takes place on a finely decorated board that vividly recalls oriental aesthetics, surrounded by the four player boards and animated by numerous equally well-finished game components.

Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan is undoubtedly a rich board game: 1 token for the first player, 7 tokens for city bonus, 7 character tiles, 10 tiles for outpost bonus, 16 guild seals, 18 offer tiles, 49 contracts , 68 coins of different value, 14 objective cards, 25 city cards, 4 cards of 50/100 points, 18 gold bars, 18 bundles of silk, 19 bags of pepper, 26 pieces of jade, 26 camels, 12 figures in four colors, 26 dices in five colors and 44 outposts in four colors.

In short, if Marco Polo had had to carry all this with him without the slightest organization, he would have never returned to Italy! So let’s help the new travelers with the Organizer for Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan!

Like all our other Organizers, we designed the one for Marco Polo II: In the Service of the Khan to keep all game elements well separated, making them easy to find and set up the game quickly, and preventing them from moving out of spot if the box is shaken.

4 character boxes divide the basic elements of each players, as dices, outposts and figures, in separate spaces, adding a gate closure for immediate access.

2 resource holders with 4 slots each allow you to separately arrange pepper, camels, silk and gold of small and big dimension.

1 contract holder holds all contracts, separating the starting ones from the others, while 1 container holds  three different size of coins in three compartments, and another one is for pieces of jade.

For a faster set-up, 1 box is dedicated to the pieces for the preparation of the main board, separated by component, and another one divides the offer tokens and guild tokens; finally, 1 deck holder holds large cards.

As an extra treat, let’s add our finely decorated version of the first player token!

Speaking of decorations, the Organizer features engravings that have a double function: to make the surfaces more beautiful and detailed, and to help the player to place the game components in the right place.

Now shut up, set up and serve the KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!

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