There are games that will remain in history as the forefathers of new genres: The Castles of Burgundy or Puerto Rico for the modern board game, for example. Or Agricola for worker placement mechanics. Or Mansions of Madness, followed by the “fantasy brother” The Lord of the Rings: Journeys to Middle-earth for the app-driven. In the world of contemporary board games, in the ocean of titles that accompany our hype every year, there are always some innovation stars.

Leder Games, a few years ago, decided to bet on an aspect that was already part of many other titles, the asymmetry. Varying the game conditions for each players was something that, in the past, involved only particular aspects, almost always differentiating resources during the setup phase, or in any case tasty but not fundamental aspects of a game table. Vast: The Crystal Caves, which we could not fail to organize, was instead the forefather of the asymmetrical game: each player plays a character, with very specific and different rules for each role. It was a huge leap of mechanics, which, in this game and in his big brother Root (also organized, and it could not be otherwise), was the architect of a revolution that was then taken up by many other titles.

The asymmetry of the game creates, of course, asymmetry in the components: each player must have his own specific set, naturally well organized. There is no room for clutter in these titles, and making a mistake, giving a component to one player rather than another, can often cause problems in the gameplay, sifting through manuals or obsessive researches of what should be given to whom.

Vast: The Mysterious Manor is the evolution of Vast: The Crystal Caverns, with many, many new pieces and even more distinctive characters than the first version. Which means, of course, more cards, more miniatures, more tokens, more everything.

For an asymmetrical game you need an organizer… asymmetrical! Our aim is not only to organize, but to make life easy for the player, and, especially in these titles, to facilitate as much as possible the distribution of components to each players. For this reason, in our Vast: The Mysterious Manor organizer, designed to accommodate the Haunted Hallways expansion in the base game box, we have created a container for each character.

There’s the tray for the Manor, for the Paladin (and Armored Knight from the expansion), for spiders (and Shadow Paladin), for skeletons (yes, even those from the expansions) and for the Warlock. Each of these characters has many different components, and we have designed “ad hoc” containers to house them all in a single solution: paladin and Armored Knight, for example, have their own “castle”, which contains miniatures, cards, player cubes and tokens; the container of the manor is a real dungeon. Tracks for miniatures, slots for tiles, trunks, cubes, cards and tokens creates a labyrinth of organization.

Of course, the eye also wants its part, and we delighted with personalized aesthetic details for each character: cobwebs, cages, walls and heraldic symbols surround the solid structures that, in a single gesture, will remind you of our motto: “Shut up, and setup!”.

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