Awaken Realms was a small polish publishing house which became a giant publisher and a world reference point for board games. Poland, in recent years, has revealed itself to be a surprising melting pot of ideas, themes and settings: from The Witcher book series to Project Red that turned them into video games, this nation has recently revealed itself in all its videogame glory.

Titles like This War of Mine, Nemesis, Etherfields, Lords of Hellas, all come from this amazing publisher.

The central theme of all the Awaken Realms titles is the storytelling: the games they create all have a very solid common thread, which is to transport players to fantastic worlds through beautiful stories, evocative illustrations and out-of-the-box components. For these games, making associations is really complex, and we could perhaps define a “sui generis” taxonomy, which differs significantly from all the other titles in the board game landscape.

Tainted Grail is perhaps one of the best summaries of the Awaken Realms philosophy. In an Avalon destroyed by evil forces, the light is failing, and the greatest heroes of the King Arthur saga have set out to save the kingdom from darkness. So far it seems the usual fantasy story already seen in a thousand other declinations; nonetheless the players are not these great heroes, but the outcasts left behind, who, trying to navigate through a thousand pitfalls, will perhaps have unexpected roles in the evolving of the general picture.

From one of the most famous themes of the medieval-fantasy scene, the authors have come up with the proverbial “rabbit from the hat”, arousing a lot of interest in a parallel story that unfolds, through an entire book of events between the lines of the epic, in a survival-themed research.

In this game, sumptuous components such as the Menhirs, truly spectacular miniatures, could not be missing. However, more than 600 cards are the masters: from the chapters of the story, to the map, to the player sets, such a mass could discourage even the most adventurous paladin.

For this reason, we The Dicetroyers have fully armed ourselves and set out to destroy the Chaos that reigns supreme in this box. The campaign against the clutter has proved to be successful, and here is our setupper for Tainted Grail.

Four player sets with movable dividers will allow you to never get lost in the Quest again, as well as other card holders with slots dedicated to chapters, objects, maps and everything in between. The Menhirs will be safe, ready to light the way, and the other components will remain neatly organized exactly where they should be.

The road to victory passes through darkness, light is the key. In the realm of Chaos, only order can save our supposed heroes. Let the adventure begin!

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