In recent years the world of board games has seen many attempts to renew mechanics and themes. Now those ones, who leave the old path for the new one, know what they leave behind but don’t know what they will find; nonetheless if there is one thing that the gaming market does not lack, it’s courage; on the other hand, the world changes at a frenetic pace, and our dice, meeples, cards and tokens must adapt accordingly.

Role-playing games, also driven by the fifth edition of Dungeons and Dragons and TV series of the caliber of Stranger Things, which gave new life to the pop culture of the 80s, have seen a strong rebirth in recent years: dozens and dozens of new settings, mechanics and titles have seen the light, from 7th sea to Cyberpunk, from Four Against Darkness to The Witcher.

The hype towards RPGs is still sky-high today, and many board game publishers have thought of attracting part of the role-playing audience to their ranks. First of all Awaken Realms which, with titles of the caliber of This War of Mine and Tainted Grail, has created a line of hybrid games between the narrative and identification, typical of role-playing games, and the strategy and tactics, typical of board games. With unprecedented success and hundreds of thousands of copies sold. Say a little…

Red Raven Games also jumped on the hybrid games train, and immediately pushed the accelerator with Sleeping Gods, a masterpiece of immersion mixed with strategy. If the beginning of the story is a classic, with a handful of strange characters catapulted onto a ship in a sea full of magic and secrets, the game slowly reveals itself and, as you explore, it becomes more and more engaging and complex.

The authors have done a splendid job to keep the combat mechanics and player actions light: in fact, downtime will be practically eliminated. The adventure is also a narrative jewel, but the best aspect is, in our opinion, the way in which all the mechanics and strategies are revealed as the crew travels on the Manticore ship.

Speaking of downtime, one of the most frustrating aspects of the game is the setup time, with countless decks of cards and tokens, and all the mechanics of saving and “loading” the game. The game relies on the goodwill of the players who, armed with holy patience, will fill myriads of envelopes and sachets once the session is over in the hope of remembering everything once they take the box back.

And this, for us at The Dicetroyers, was yet another challenge to overcome. With our organizer for Sleeping Gods you will not only be able to keep the base game and expansions in a single box, but above all you will have the possibility of saving the game using the appropriate containers. We have provided slots for each crew member and removable dividers to finally keep all the decks in order without the possibility of errors. Setup in just a few minutes and save and load times almost at the level of a gaming PC, to get the best out of this splendid adventure.

All aboard! Off we go without setup headaches and with the most organized galley ever. Seeing is believing!

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