For those of a certain age like us, few things strike the soul of our inner child like recalling timeless classics, icons that made the 80s and 90s like what the Beatles and the Rolling Stone had done over the 60s.

Sagas like Star Wars, Star Trek, The Ghostbusters or The Goonies were one of the reasons why our parents, after busy days of work, hated us the most. We waited anxiously in front of the screen to see, for the tenth time, Yoda, Sloth, Slimer or Captain Kirk repeat iconic phrases, or gestures that would accompany us for years to come. In the meantime, our old men were snoring on the sofa, but perhaps few of them, with one eye open, felt even a shred of our enthusiasm. On the other hand, a must is a must.

Indiana Jones was one of the most iconic heroes of the 1980s, and the putative father of countless archaeologists and ancient history enthusiasts (or perhaps even more geeks?). Exploring ruins, awakening long-dormant powers, discovering priceless treasures were animating timeless films like Indiana Jones and the cursed temple in a sublime way, and our young neurons were inebriated by them, in a luxury intoxication in pure Steven Spielberg style.

The theme of exploration and archeology, full of Pop culture, could only be an opportunity to be grasped with both hands for the world of the board game, and Lost Ruins of Arnak is one of the most successful interpretations of the last times.

This Euro-style title, based on the mechanics of worker placement, has really amazed the audience of players with a gameplay that, although almost entirely deterministic, knows how to give a theme that few Germans-style titles have been able to offer.

Discovering new sites with your daring archaeologists, looking for Artifacts and facing, or running away from fearsome Guardians in this game are not simple actions, but part of a real adventure, a fight to the last victory point.

The graphics are very well done, evocative and the materials, while not exceptional workmanship, really do justice to the good old Indy.

It is a game that comes full of tokens, cards and resources, and the setup is not at all intuitive, nor fast. We at The Dicetroyers could not, of course, fail to bring order to this chaos. Call it our way of paying homage to the good Harrison Ford, in our own small way.

The concept that is most important to us is shown in all its organizational power in our setupper for Lost Ruins of Arnak: in a single gesture all the cards, tokens and resources will be placed on the board, with trays with the exact measurements of the positions they must occupy. Player sets with dedicated slots will house archaeologists and tokens, and in a blink of an eye we will be ready to venture into the Lost Ruins.

Adventure awaits, and don’t worry, because we’ll take care of organizing your whips, compasses and guns. Let the journey begin!

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