The strength of the warriors and the audacity of the explorers are very small compared to the power of the gods of Valhalla.

The success of undertakings destined to enter the legend can only be achieved by enjoying divine favor and who to turn to if not the Father of the whole pantheon, Odin himself? And the best way to curry favor with a god of Valhalla is with a Feast.

In The Feast for Odin the players (from one to four) take on the role of Vikings from the year 1066, retracing the footsteps of this proud people and experiencing their culture in all respects, from exploration to trade, from raids to religion.

The game is basically a turn-based strategy with a points system, but within this definition different mechanics are intertwined: job placement, resource collection and management, interlocking pieces and occupations system.

There are therefore numerous ways to earn (and lose) points during each of the 6/7 rounds of 12 phases, so planning, overview and organization are essential to move on the complex and numerous game boards, and manage the hundreds of resources in tokens and wood, and the 190 occupation cards.

A game box overflowing with elements, which can be further enriched with the Norwegians expansion… in short, to prepare for the game and put everything in order after its conclusion, you risk reaching Ragnarok!

Luckily, we’ll take care of helping brave boardgame lovers with the A Feast for Odin Organizer.

The Organizer, which can accommodate the base game, the Norwegians expansion and the Islands mini-expansion, significantly reduces the set-up and tidying time of game elements.

The four Viking trays separate each player’s meeples and keep them tidy, with bespoke slots for each one.

The shared resource tokens are placed in a special container, compartmentalized to divide them according to the type of asset they represent: the location of each resource is indicated by the engravings on the surface of the token holder.

Other resources are ordered in other bays: a tray for stone and moose, and one for looting and port tokens, and a ‘bank’ with separate bays for each value of silver.

One box allows you to store ships, wood and metal, while another organizes the score and punishment tokens.

A card holder divided into four slots accommodates the 190 occupations, while the planks fit precisely and securely into the spaces left between the components of the organizer, embellished with various Viking-themed engravings and carvings.

Now shut up, set up and honor the All Father!

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