In the beginning it was the organizer. We started with a very specific idea, which was to improve the gaming experience. And what better way to eliminate downtime, tedious setups, and the need for very huge tables to play our favorite games?

But when you get a solution, more questions open up. Because organizing is just one of the many pieces that make a boardgame perfect. All the other pieces can be condensed into one word: accessories!

Playing is also enjoying a lifestyle, such as throwing a dice or putting away a deck of cards, which may seem like a gooey routine but, in reality, are often the very essence of the game. How many times have we assumed at least questionable positions in throwing a dice; or drawn very high decks of cards in the hope that no one will touch our perfect parallelepiped; or divided tokens in order of number, color or shape, in a compulsive spiral that, even before a game, was it itself a moment of passion?

What if these gestures, this routine, these tantric rituals were supported by the perfect accessory, the faithful companion who understands and helps the dice thrower, the deck shuffler, the separator of meeple?

We went deep into the player’s psyche (or our psyche) and we realized that organizing is not enough. And that a simple gesture can be something more, like that man who discovered that throwing a stone is beautiful, but doing it with the help of a rope is even better.

The die is cast, the die is thrown, the die is kept. If you love dices, throwing them from a tower is something enjoyable.To watch them disappear and reappear, roll and stop. Accompanied by that fantastic “tumbling sound” against wooden walls. Our Wingspan-inspired dice tower is a little gem of functionality: you throw from behind, and the dice appear in the large front tray, after a stroll inside the tower. Once used, you can closes it with a simple gesture, holding the dices inside. Simple and functional.

And then there is the Lighthouse, the perfect centerpiece for any dungeon master. Dropping the dice from the top and watching them reappearing in good order on the bottom is the experience that we most strongly recommend to professional players. Surrounded by the Dice Coast, it will be possible to throw and store, all in a single accessory. The little brat of the gang is the Dice Gizmo: lid with rotating closure and 3 slots, a gem to always keep in the company of your rolling companions.

And then there are the cards: delicious, thin, and ready to be wrapped and stored with the utmost care. Where? Here you are spoiled for choice: card holders with repositionable dividers, to store decks well sorted by genre and type, in various aesthetic cuts, to satisfy steampunk, fantasy or romantic palates, with the size of 250 and 500 enveloped cards. The rotating card holders, boxes that can hold more than 1000 cards inside them, with slots that, by rotating, reveal their interior. Lovecraftian themed or designed for Magic, these accessories can actually be filled with any type of standard cards.

And when the (card) game gets tough, the tough ones gets to set up. Card holder stand, to keep the table tidy and clearly visible, for 6 or 12 cards. And the practical pick and play card holders, with one, two or three layers. On our site you can find an entire category dedicated to card accessories.

Our forge, of course, is always hot, and other solutions will come, for other pieces, to improve or simplify your life, and make you fully enjoy the simplicity of every gesture, for every component of your board games. Always keep an eye on our accessories section, because our job is to amaze you!

Discover also the other games in our catalog and contact us for any request or question!

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