What’s the coolest thing about a strategic board game with asymmetrical gameplay mechanics? Clearly it’s having as many factions as possible to experiment different strategies and live new experiences every game. 

Many games of this genre start with a basic lineup expanding over time with expansions; those are born as the reputation of the board game and player satisfaction grow, and developers can enrich the gaming experience with feedback received. 

Since its release in 2018, Root, a Game of Power and Justice in the Woodlands has achieved great success with both critics and audiences, receiving numerous awards such as Game of the Year and People’s Choice thanks to the quality of its content, the captivating graphic style and fascinating game system. 

Therefore it is not surprising that in the last three years Root has continued to grow with new expansions, since the very first release in 2018, The Riverfolk Expansion: after this more have been published like The Clockwork Expansion, The Underworld Expansion, The Exiles and Partisans Deck and The Vagabond Pack, and another one coming in 2022. 

The Clockwork Expansion allows you to automate the four basic factions of Root to play in solitary mode or to complete the roster of four in the absence of a sufficient number of human players; with The Clockwork Expansion it is also possible to set up cooperative matches humans vs bots. 

The Underworld Expansion, on the other hand, increases the available factions to eight adding the Underground Duchy, which has playstyle based on accumulation of power and economic-political control, and the Corvid Conspiracy, which uses secrecy, deceit and sabotage as main weapons but also has direct confrontations. The expansion adds two maps, the Mountain and the Lake. 

The Exiles and Partisans Deck offers alternative decks to change the gamestyle, while The Vagabond Pack adds additional meeples for the Wanderer, as well as three cards with related tokens. 

With all these new game elements, it become difficult to keep all tidy and ready to use for a quick set up of the game… And The Organizer of Root + The Riverfolk Expansion is no longer enough; we need assistance! 

The Organizer for the new Root expansions allows you to accommodate The Clockwork Expansion, The Underworld Expansion, The Exiles and Partisans Deck and The Vagabond Pack in a tray designed to fit into the box of either one of the first two. 

In detail, the Organizer for the Root expansions is composed of two containers, one dedicated to the Underground Duchy and one to the Conspiracy of the Corvids, a tray for the meeples of The Vagabond Pack with shaped niches, a card holder with three separate compartments and shutter closure, and a tray for tokens and components for scoreboard. 

Otherwise, do you prefer to fit everything in one box? The Lifted Base for Root, finely decorated on the sides, allows the two Organizers to be accommodated inside the original game box while maintaining the flush closure; It’s also available with a Bundle with the new Organizer. 

Are you passionate about Root? and you have all the expansions already, but never touched an Organizer? This is the opportunity to bring order to the woodlands (and inside the boxes) with the Complete Bundle! 

Now shut up, set up and bring might and right! 

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