Once upon a time, long long time ago…

In the playful landscape, the genres are countless: between Eurogame, American, Family, Filler, Party Game, Wild boar and company, the evolutionary tree of the board game has been enriched with an infinity of classes, genres, species, families and phylum. Linnaeus would be proud, and of course we too!

One of the younger genres that has evolved in recent years is fiction. Starting from a book, a video game, a game book or an adventure in the head of an enterprising game designer to arrive at tokens, miniatures, regulations and hours of game at the table, immersing yourself in fantastic worlds that, with some instruction and a a little imagination, come to life before our eyes, has been the challenge of many publishers in recent years.

Games organized by us such as The Lord of the Rings: Journeys in Middle-earth, Descent: Legends of the Dark, or the monstrous Gloomhaven, have in common a solid history behind them, which is the setting for endless challenges. The so-called “dungeon crawlers” have become, in recent years, a very valid alternative to role-playing games: without going into various details and diatribes, Dungeons and Dragons was the putative father of an endless list of successful conceptual spin-offs or gone badly, among which we include this genre.

The fine line between board game and role-playing game is slowly becoming an increasingly blurred boundary: after all, the aim of identifying with fantastic characters who explore fantasy worlds justifies infinite means.

Each destination has its own path. Spending nights playing adventures in role-playing games like Loremaster, filling out character sheets as long as an Apple budget, or setting up endless tables with armies of finely painted miniatures can be considered the ultimate goal of the role-playing and storytelling enthusiast. But if the summit is far away, how do you start the climb?

There is a world of light narrative games, which transport even total neophytes into magical worlds without too many jolts. The setting does not require a university degree about Tolkien or Lovecraft, nor the need-to-know mechanical systems of matrices to arrive at the perfect armor class. There is the risk of falling into banality, but there are pearls that completely cancel it out, with simple and elegant systems.

Stuffed Fables, for example, takes us into the universe of a little girl struggling with her first nights alone in her bedroom. Unspeakable horrors, such as spider-shaped puppets and terrifying sorcerers, await her, but her valiant and trusty stuffed animals will defend her with drawn swords. Simple and effective mechanics accompany this hybrid between book and board game among the titles most wonderfully suited to the entry level narrative genre.

Organizing Mice and Mystics (base game or with Heart of Glorm expansion) was a great adventure. This game transports you to a small world of mustachioed heroes who will have to fight against cockroaches, centipedes and other horrors at a scale of 1: 1000. A challenge to the last piece of cheese, only for brave mice!

Going on a long journey and facing dangers: what better way to spend an evening?

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