“Here’s what I do: I drink and I know things”. But how can you quote this illustrious phrase without having a glass of good wine in your hand? Only true masters are able to produce this fine drink and undoubtedly the most capable are found in Italy.

But to produce wine it is not enough to excel in agricultural practice, you must also use your resources strategically and manage your company in the best possible way to create the largest wine company in the country!

This is the spirit with which Viticulture was born, a strategic board game based on the production of wine: each player (from 2 to 6, but there are also rules for the Automa mode) will take control of a Tuscan winery, taking care of all stages of wine production, from planting and harvesting to bottling and sale, and diversifying its business with its own cellar and different varieties of wine.

Essentially it is a micro-management work game organized in rounds divided into different phases (one per season) during which players must maximize the actions at their disposal and accumulate victory points.

The game offers a high degree of interaction between players and stands out for the quality of its components: there are more than 170 tokens of various types, including 55 made with fine wood, and vivid illustrations for the 232 cards, the plan of game and the six boards on which each player will develop their own company.

In short, producing wine is a matter of organization (unlike the disorder that grows when you drink it!), So we have created the Organizer for Viticulture (base or with Tuscany or Moor Visitors expansions), which preserves and protects in perfect order all game components like a wine cellar would with bottles!

The Organizer contains six boxes, one dedicated to each player, which separates his personal game components into four compartments.

A coin holder allows you to divide the game coins according to their value thanks to three compartments with easy access to the pieces.

The cards are organized in two card holders: one for the larger ones with four slots and one for the smaller ones with seven slots and a dedicated space for the meeples used in the initial setup (neutral workers and grapes).

Finally, the touch of grace: a glass rest gadget, which is not only designed to fully embrace the spirit of the game, but also allows you to close the box flush if you only have the basic game.

Each component of the Organizer is carefully decorated, both to make it easier to understand where each game element should be placed thanks to the engraved signs, and to increase the aesthetic value of our creation.

Now shut up, set up and drink!

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