Italy in the 15th century is one of the top 10 choises of time travel in the collective imagination. The beautiful country at that time was the cradle of civilization: humanity came out of what had been the “dark ages” of the Middle Ages and discovered art, inventions and prosperity. Being an Italian at that time meant experiencing the progress in the place where everything happened: Florence, Milan, Rome were the Big Apples of that time which, not surprisingly, has been called the Renaissance.

We aficionados of board games are well aware that periods of this type cannot be left out and have to be transposed into a box full of pieces. And of course, it could only be italians, the minds (we are talking, of course, of Luciani, Gigli and Brasini) behind one of the games that amazed fans of the Eurogame genre. We are talking about Lorenzo il Magnifico.

This game, published by the Cranio Creations in 2016, is a classic resource management game, a German in short, which has shone for the peculiarities that are not often found in this type of games: it is quick to explain and to play despite the complexity of the mechanics that, however, the writer has found brilliant.

The keystone is the dice which, in this case, can deceive the less experienced player: from a “creator of alea” so hated by those who appreciate the determinism of the Eurogame genre, this object in Lorenzo il Magnifico has been transformed into a “generator of strategy”, forcing the players to adapt their actions according to what the dice, every round, decide to be more or less“expensive ” action for everyone.

This mechanics of “strategic randomization” was inspired, for example, from “The Voyages of Marco Polo ” (created, look a bit, again by Luciani, this time with Tascini). However, Lorenzo il Magnifico has much lighter mechanics, and turns out to be one of the favorite games for introducing newbies to the vast world of the “modern board game”.

As you can easily expect, especially in the version with the Houses of Renaissance and The Pazzi Conspiracy expansions, disorder reigns supreme in the game box: many cards, meeples and tokens are contained in their entropy by very thin ziplocks, which are a palliative for a decent setup for this… magnificent game.

We could not therefore exempt ourselves, even just for the fact of being Italians, from organizing all this Renaissance disorder. Our organizer for Lorenzo il Magnifico will host all the cards of the game, well divided into dedicated slots even enveloped. Other slots will house player sets, and resources remain confined to convenient single trays. The two expansions Houses of Renaissance and The Pazzi Conspiracy will also have their space, and can be shown off in a few seconds at the sight of your playing group.

Maybe Michelangelo, Leonardo, Raffaello and Donatello (I know you will immediately think about Ninja Turtles…) would have done better, but we The Dicetroyers have put some order after the Dark Ages of the eternal setup too. Let the Renaissance begin, and quickly!

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