Number one in all rankings, acclaimed by all, the ultimate dungeon crawler. In the world of board games, the next step is to ask “but beyond Monopoly and Risiko, is there something else?” and the answer is: “Gloomhaven”.

Reviews and comments talk very good about this game, which started as kickstarter project of a very small publisher house, the Cephalofair making its way with arrogance like a tank into the crystal shop of “modern” board games. But when a novice player hears about it, perhaps looking somewhere, the first question that arises is “ok, they say it’s the definitive board game. But how can I play with all this stuff? ”. Let’s face it: Gloomhaven is hella scary. A lot.

A pharaonic box with an infinite number of pieces. Cards, tokens, miniatures, whatever type of component a board game has been designed for (dice aside) is inside that box, in an impressive amount. That’s actually a real Gloomhaven.

But We,The Dicetroyers, have also organized the king of the board games, and believe us, it was a Herculean effort. You can see the result here, our organizer for Gloomhaven;and we are convinced that it will bring a huge relief to those who venture into the depths of this colossus.

Well, at this point, it is evident that something is missing. Partly out of justice, and partly out of pity, the publisher has tried to remedy the quantity of components of his jewel, bringing out a version that to define “compact” is a bit, in our opinion, an understatement; and that is Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion.

The big brother’s mechanics are all there, the campaign and the characters, but there are, so to speak, less missions, less monsters, less everything. With a result that is simply splendid. On the other hand, a “Cinquecento” car with a Ferrari engine is definitely something to try.

Adventures, dangers, dungeons, a solid story and the same careful planning that is required by a game of Gloomhaven, are condensed in a box that cannot be described as small, but rather, normal size.

The problems of organization, in any case, have not disappeared, on the contrary: if the big brother was unmanageable, the little purebred foal is still restless, full of cards and tokens, and in need of a proper brushing.

Of course, we couldn’t fail to organize Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion as well!

The cards are divided by type, the monsters also, in their slots waiting to strike. Coins, status tokens, wounds, traps, chests, and the rest of the myriad of tokens have their own dedicated space. In our instructions, in addition to the very useful reboxing sequence, there is a guide to inserting the pieces in the various slots, because organizing is good, with a guide better.

Finally, the platform for the initiative tokens enhances the result. Not only is it compatible with both versions of the token, small and large, but it is a very useful component in the gameplay. Try and see!

The little brother has grown up, and well organized. Let the dungeon crawling begin!

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