Who doesn’t love science fiction? Obviously, unquestionably and without fail, nobody. Of course, somebody may like Asimov more than George Lucas, others Jupiter more than Mars, but in the end, for anyone who chews a bit of pop culture at least once a week, talking about spaceships is at least intriguing.

The sci-fi smiths could be divided into two macro categories: those ones who take the science, bend it to the will of the imagination and, creating new worlds, let us travel into adventures outside the planet earth; adventures usually appreciated by an audience with a moderate scientific background where formulas and laws of Physics are not enough: and those ones who read  the instruction manual of the universe and, with total freedom of action, give life to epic sagas, a bit fantasy, a bit medieval and a bit from soap operas, usually loved by an audience chasing stellar emotions.

And then there are the playful smiths: countless titles based on the Star Wars, Star Trek or Dune sagas, but also games with unique settings such as Project Gaia or Terraforming Mars can only entice lovers of the stars.

Therefore, it happens that the Czech Game Edition, a prolific Prague publishing boardgame house that boasts titles of absolute importance such as Through The Ages or Lost Ruins of Arnak, decides in 2022 to throw itself once again into the world of science fiction after Galaxy Trucker, launching Starship Captains.

It is a Eurogame-style title but with a unique character: courageous captains of cheap spaceships (which start out worn-out, after all they couldn’t afford a Ferrari of the skies…) will have to juggle a more or less trained crew , new, but not too much, futuristic technologies and tons of missions of all kinds, including space barbecues to strengthen relations with the various factions or participate in the Galactic Convention. Whoever has the most points will be the winner, but all the participants will be remembered by generations to come gloriously, thanks to an original “epilogue” page at the end of the game manual.

In this title mechanics are nothing really new, but what really left us amazed is the immersiveness of the gaming experience: between more or less veiled quotes from the most famous sci-fi sagas, cartoon-style illustrations that follow the playful mood of the game and a crew that will never be exactly what you expect, Starship Captains is a short experience (a game hardly lasts more than an hour and a half) and incredibly intense. Immediate rounds, almost no downtime and not too demanding strategic choices, in a context that is not easy to master and optimize, make this title a light, deep and immersive game: a title to play often and with whoever you want.

Hence a game like this must be immediately playable, but the number of components will not allow our captains to depart so easily. Lots of tokens and a sea of miniatures make the setup of this game incredibly heavy compared to the lightness of the gameplay.

And it is precisely on titles of this kind that we consider our setupper as essential. Our collaboration with CGE and the incredible availability of this wonderful publisher has led to the creation of our official setupper for Starship Captains. Every miniature will be in its place, every player will have his own player set tray, and all tokens will be confined to the correct gravitational field. A few seconds of setup for an unforgettable experience.

We sincerely thank CGE for giving us the opportunity to create a product that we are sure will take the experience of this game to infinity, and beyond!

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