There are board games that follow the classic narrative strands: fantasy, the Middle Ages, science fiction, world wars, apocalypse, trains… And others that you don’t expect at all: from sewing Patchwork blankets, to building Barrage dams, to bike rides by Flamme Rouge. Talking about how bird watching is fascinating in the Alabama marshes certainly cannot cause, at first glance, the same hype as when we make boxes appear on the game table with engraved words like blood, throne, dragon or Baby Yoda. But titles like Wingspan have shown that games made well and with passion can also talk about what is the best method to fix a picture to a wall, and sooner or later they too will hit the headlines.

Surely, it’s not easy for a publishing house to choose between yet another star wars spin-off and a title that talks about crochet doilies, but the playful market always reserves a first-rate place for passion for something, whatever it is. There is room for everyone and for everything, if there is quality.

Devir is a multifaceted publisher, who has told us so many worlds and realities in his board games. From the cultivation of strange giant silkworms with Silk, to the competition for the best healing potion with The Quacks of Quedlinburg, to the cultivation of the best grapes with Viña, this publisher has made many bets, most of which won hands down.

Lacrimosa is yet another title from this publisher with a particular theme: upon Mozart’s death, we players are called, as patrons and friends of the Maestro’s wife, Constance, to finish the musician’s unfinished work, the Requiem. Between the author’s memories on his travels through Europe, the sale of his works, the composition of the missing sections of the Requiem, whoever has given the greatest contribution after 5 game rounds will win.

The game manual is what you don’t expect: in fact, among the explanation of the various rules there are continuous references to the history of Mozart, with anecdotes that amaze and enrich the reader’s cultural background. A truly commendable effort to transform a board game into an opportunity to learn more about it.

Simple but non-trivial mechanics, for an exquisitely German-style game, complete the work, giving hours of travel and memories in the name of Europe in the 1800s.

And here the opportunity comes for us at The Dicetroyers to contribute to the Requiem of the great Maestro, allowing everyone, with our setupper for Lacrimosa, to be able to fully enjoy sacred, profane, chamber or theatre music just after a few minutes of preparation. This game has lots and lots of cards to sort, shuffle and rearrange, not to mention a huge amount of tokens to place, manage and arrange. An effort that could be frustrating, even before you start playing. But Constance calls, and we must answer quickly!

The very particular mechanic of placing cards on the player boards really creates many difficulties for those who sleeve the cards: inserting the sleeved cards into the small slots on the player boards has created serious problems for those who want to protect the Lacrimosa materials from disastrous shuffles. Naturally, we also thought about this: our player boards fit into the original game boards, allowing easy insertion even for sleeved cards. Seeing is believing!

The orchestra is finally ready, the conductor has polished his baton, the organization is perfect. Disorder is dead, long live order!

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