When creating a board game, one of the toughest challenges is to adapt the mechanics to a setting that represents them. For some, the theme is the very starting point of the game and, especially in the “American” titles, the mechanics are tailor-made according to the main theme. Titles such as This War of Mine, Star Wars Rebellion, Mice and Mystics are an example: various game engines are built around survival in war, space travel or miniature adventures.

For others, however, the theme is built after the analysis of the game mechanics. Titles such as Agricola, Viticulture, The Castles of Burgundy, Heaven and Ale, are examples of this process, where the engine comes before the bodywork. The so-called “German” titles arise from the creation of solid and not very random mechanics, with a theme sewn as fitting as possible.

Golem, published by Cranio Creations, is an all-Italian game, designed by world-famous authors, namely Luciani, Gigli, Brasini, who belongs to the “German” category.

Mechanics already tested in games created by them such as Grand Austria Hotel, Lorenzo the Magnificent, Marco Polo, Tzolk’in merge with new ideas, giving life to this “worker advancement” game that has been a great success.

The theme here is absolutely fitting with the game design: mixing, kneading, contaminating and creating, that is what the Rabbis of ancient Prague did, a little in fantasy and a little in reality, to create wonderful artifacts and magical giants of clay: the Golems.

Although the theme is not particularly felt in this brain breaker for 1 to 4 players, the illustrations and the outline are truly luxurious: a giant board houses the various districts of Prague, on which students and Golems will move with a single goal: to obtain more power than opponents.

Particularly fascinating is the Synagogue, a launcher that gives this game that 3D flavor that is too often lacking in management systems.

Of course, like any self-respecting German title, this game is also full of tokens, meeples, resources, and the disorder reigns supreme in a box that, although quite large, will struggle to contain everything.

Our goal is to make games like Golem easy to prepare, playable and… easy to put away in the game box. We could not exempt ourselves from organizing this masterpiece, and therefore our setupper for Golem was born.

Resource holder with dedicated slots, four trays for players, a card holder, a nice container for marbles and a coin holder, all inserted into the game box in seconds. We care a lot about the ease of preparation and we know that time is running out, especially when it comes to playing a complex game like this: this organizer will allow you, in addition to getting rid of annoying small plastic bags, to save many precious minutes so you can immediately dedicate yourself to play.

But it was not enough: we decided to create the wooden Synagogue as an accessory, with the same dimensions as the original one, to ensure you dozens and dozens of games without damaging the most delicate component of this game. With an eye to aesthetics, of course!

If you have hesitated in front of this giant with feet of clay until now, with the Organizer and Synagogue in bundle everything will be simpler, faster and more beautiful. Let creation begin!

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