The game lover does not live by Eurogames alone.

A few years ago, between a game of Great Western Trail and a brainstorm at Bonfire, I wondered, as a good Germangame lover, if sooner or later there had been a game that would have fascinated me as much as a management game, and which naturally was within its antipodes.

Then Nemesis arrived, and nothing was the same again. Gloomhaven followed, and my entire Eurogamer house of cards collapsed. There are games that force you to make a radical change of perspective, and if leaving your comfort zone of meeples, shaped like sheep and wheat, often force you to return in there in few seconds, in some cases our Plato’s Cave is knocked down with blows of creative genius and you find yourself in sunny valleys, and at the end it’s not that bad, let’s face it.

I never expected to love a “Skirmish” game so much where card drawing and randomness are as strong as in Black Rose Wars.

Certainly those geniuses at Ludus Magnus Studio haven’t spared even a single neuron in this masterpiece of blind hand and blow management in a small lodge that looks more like a WWE ring: and it’s not so much for the mechanics that are however incredibly elegant, but it’s rather much, in my opinion, for the perfect amalgam of the cards of the various schools of magic, which mix in their abilities, triggers, damage to enemies and rooms (but how nice is it to destroy everything…?) much better than “a master pastry chef would do struggling with a Sacher to present to the Austro-Hungarian royals”.

And so, I asked myself, after friends at Ludus gave us a copy of Black Rose Wars: Rebirth complete with ROTAS box and all the other expansions from the very successful Kickstarter campaign (and thanks are never enough!); can it improve a game so damn innovative, elegant and evil?

The answer is a damn yes! If in Black Rose Wars you sometimes you got too stuck with a hand of cards and you weren’t able to do the best “combo” play, in Rebirth everything seems in its place: each ability is still linked in some way to a medium and long-term strategy, and everything takes on absolute harmony. And the “Sacher”, austrian cake, becomes the best “Maritozzo de Roma”, famous italian sweet, we have ever tasted.

And we at The Dicetroyers could only pay homage to this splendid rebirth of the Black Rose with our organizer for Black Rose Wars: Rebirth which not only holds the base game, but also the Deadly Mask, Apocalypse, Jukas and Irene expansions. But not only! In the Smart Tray you can house all the schools of magic from the Rebirth expansions and sets of miniatures from ROTAS or other game addons. Every millimeter will be filled with components, and the harmony of this game will finally expand to the setup too. Seeing is believing.

But that’s not all! We have also created the definitive accessory for your tournaments: the player set for Black Rose Wars: Rebirth, a deck holder that also houses your wizard’s miniature, with space for tokens. And if that’s not enough, the lid transforms into a card stand, to better organize your preparation phase.

Because to become a real Magister, you need a real Setupper. Everyone in the Lodge, and let the challenge begin!

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