“The man said: let it be the industrial revolution, let the factories multiply and the smoke from the chimneys rise up to obscure the skies of coal ash and petroleum gas”: in this historical period, characterized by lights and shadows , progress and exploitation, is set the board game Brass: Birmingham. 

Brass: Birmingham, a follow-up to the original 2007 Brass, is a solid economic strategy game in which players take on the role of competing industry captains; who must develop and build industries and communications networks to meet market demand and capitalize on its fluctuations. 

During each turn, players will be able to perform two actions to earn Victory Points exploring two phases of the game, the age of the canals (1770-1830) and the era of the railway (1831-1880), which are accompanied by different game dynamics according to the communication routes used. 

The basic mechanics of Brass: Birmingham are taken from the original game, but have been refined and complemented by new elements in order to perfect a board game, already highly appreciated by fans of the genre, and at the same time to offer veterans new strategic possibilities. Compared to the first Brass, moreover, the attention to contents, which have been made with excellent materials and extreme attention to detail, has also increased. 

With the introduction of new mechanics, however, the setup time and the number of game components have also increased: Brass: Birmingham, in fact, contains a game board, four player boards and related character tiles, 56 two-faces connection tiles of four colors, 72 cards, 30 coal and 18 iron cubes, 15 beer barrels, 68 money tokens of various denominations, 9 merchant tiles, 180 industry tiles of four colors and six different types, and a victory token and an income for each color. 

To support your industrial revolution, we at The Dicetroyers propose you a revolutionary Organizer for Brass: Birmingham! 

To create order in the game elements and speed up the set up, our first step was to make four boxes to separate all the elements according to color so that each player has immediately available his set of tiles and tokens: thus we have prepared six slots for the industry tiles based on the type, two mini trays for, respectively, the connection tiles and the two tokens, and finally a ‘coin’ slot obtained at the bottom of the box for the character tile. 

A container collects the resource meeples, with two compartments for coal and iron, and a shaped support in which to insert the beer barrels, while another box acts as a bank, thanks to the three slots for different values and an inclined side to facilitate the acquisition of coins. 

The merchant tokens have a dedicated space which indicates which ones to use based on the number of players taking part in the game, while a last box holds the deck of cards, which is also divided by participants. 

Each element of the Organizer clearly shows where each component of Brass: Birmingham goes thanks to the engravings on the surface. 

Now shut up, set up and get rich! 

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