The West Kingdom tells the story of an empire from the Carolingian era: each chapter of this saga corresponds to a different boardgame, which will ask players to win the king’s favor by challenging themselves in the construction of cities, in the defense of borders and in the administration of territories and people.

In chronological order, the first title is Architects of the West Kingdom, followed by Paladins and Viscounts, last of which was launched on Kickstarter this March and which was funded in just 24 hours.

Architects of the West Kingdom is a game which consists in collecting resources and building: once per turn each player can assign his workers to a task and thus carry out the corresponding action.

The goal is to get more victory points than your opponents, contributing more than others to the development of the West Kingdom and thus gaining the favor of the king.

The classic worker placement mechanic is animated by a system of morality, which allows the player to adopt a legal conduct that makes them earn reputation (and therefore victory points) or choose dishonesty and corruption, precluding access to some sources of points , but being able to resort to powerful actions to get in the way of other players and gain the advantage with subterfuge.

The interaction between different players, up to five, and strategies makes Architects of the West Kingdom a very interesting and highly replayable title.

The game is also rich in components, with 100 meeples for workers, 5 player boards, over 100 cards and more than 200 tokens and tiles for resources … Too rich, to the point that it is difficult to keep them in the box and if ( or rather when, as it should be) the cards are sleeved this becomes an almost impossible task!

This is certainly an inconvenient aspect for the player, which guarantees a great mess inside the packaging and long times for the set up of the game … Unless you choose the Organizer for Architects of the West Kingdom!

As boardgame enthusiasts, we immediately realized the critical nature of this wonderful title and, in order not to penalize it, we have thought of a tailor-made solution, which not only ensures the closure of the box even with sleeved cards, but also the perfect organization of all the numerous game components.

The cards are placed in separate slots, allowing you to easily distinguish the six types of decks used during the games and prevent them from mixing with each other or having to use sleeves of different colors.

Similarly, the resources and elements dedicated to each of the five players are kept separate from each other thanks to special slots, considerably speeding up the preparation of the game; in particular, the bottoms of the resource trays are decorated with the symbol corresponding to the tokens they are destined to receive.

The organization of the space is carefully studied, with a perfect game of joints between the components, and even has an additional space which serves to house the cardboard tax deposit, which is an exclusive element for Kickstarter backers.

Just as the players have the task of designing the perfect city for the West Kingdom, we at The Dicetroyers have made every effort to organize the West Kingdom Architects box: now shut up, set up and build!

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