Once upon a time there was role playing. Fearless players who sat at a table, armed with pencils, dice, manuals and papers, impersonating tough Dwarves, agile Elves, brutal Barbarians or mysterious Wizards. And at the head of the table there was the Dungeon Master who behind his DM screen evoked fantastic worlds full of dangers.

Since the very first Dungeons and Dragons, dating back to the 1970s, the roleplay game has come a long way, declining into a sea of facets and spin-offs, and products based on its basic concepts like: Gamebook (becoming Grand Master by leafing through the pages of the Lonely Wolf books, memories that are difficult to erase), video games (how can we forget pearls like Eye of the Beholder or Baldur’s Gate?) And of course … board games!

Nowdays the genre called “Dungeon Crawler” has its roots in masterpieces such as HeroQuest or Star Quest, titles that have marked the pace and paved the way for one of the most prolific genres of the board game.

Until today, games like The Lord of the Rings: Journeys into Middle-earth, Gloomhaven, Imperial Assault, Mice and Mystics are just some of the countless titles that have taken inspirations from the RPG experience. Whether you play a warrior, a Jedi, a mouse or a mercenary, the mechanics of interpretation and evocation of fantastic worlds are innumerable, and the audience can only rejoice.

One of the most popular titles in recent years in the Dungeon Crawling landscape is Descent. Atypical heroes in the kingdom of Terrinoth fight in dark crypts or haunted woods, seeking glory and fame. A classic setting with really interesting twists and simple but effective mechanics have made this title one of the benchmarks of the genre. Currently, the main titles related to the world of Descent are 3, board games that have evolved over time in the mechanics, but maintain the peculiar setting.

If in Descent 1 and Descent 2 the board game met the “classic” role-playing game, with a player acting as a Dungeon Master and the heroes, Descent: Legends of the Dark, the third chapter, completely revolutionizes the mechanics, replacing the person witn the automation. The heroes in this title will therefore have to deal with a “digital” Master, managed by an application, which greatly simplifies the adventure, letting players enter the realm of Terrinoth without any textbook fear.

Descent: Legends of the Dark is characterized by sumptuous components: 40 highly detailed miniatures, tokens, cards and an entire cardboard setting that, among trunks, stairways, cauldrons, tables and bookcases will animate the game table as it rarely is. seen so far.

And of course… Chaos reigns supreme! The plastic containers that house the miniatures do their dirty work, but everything else is completely left in the two huge boxes in bulk. The cardboard furniture, in particular, is kept in the lower box, without dividers or storage solutions.

We couldn’t let such a sumptuous title fall prey to clutter or, even worse, damage to components; so, we launched our weapons of mass organization. The organizer for Descent: Legends of the Dark is one of our flagships: dedicated miniature racks with a fixing mechanism will allow you to set up these beautiful pieces taking up much less space, and making the game even more thematic. There are card holder with dedicated slots for each character and type of card, various trays and tokens to enter the world of this Board Game juggernaut in a few minutes. Of course, the organization of the furniture can’t miss: individual boxes and slots will divide every single type of piece to find easily everything, and above all protect these delicate components from damage and wear.

It took weeks to tame this “monster”, but we couldn’t be happier with the result. 

Because such titles deserve to be organized in the best and most beautiful way possible. Let the dungeon crawling begin!

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