In recent years, one of the factors that has given the best boost to the market of board game was Crowdfunding: crowds of enthusiasts ready to believe in new and innovative projects, willing to lend a hand to publishers as long as their project result with captivating materials and mechanics. In a nutshell, the world of board games no longer existed as exclusive to large publishers, but anyone could become master of their own playful destiny.

The platform that has most established itself in the world of crowdfunding has been Kickstarter. Born in 2009, in just a few years it has become one of the reference points for the people of board games.

The beginning of board gaming on Kickstarter was made possible by small companies that tried to shine in parallel with the big publishers, with fluctuating results, as for any self-respecting beginning. Publishers emerged from this primordial broth, and they would become one of the cardinal points of today’s gaming landscape: names like Cmon, Awaken Realms, Thundergryph and many others have become one of the reasons why many open the Kickstarter page compulsively, search for delicious novelties.

These new projects have become increasingly important, so much so that today “triple A” titles from the major Kickstarter Based publishers come with sets of at least 3 boxes, with an infinite number of Stretch Goals and exclusives. Sure, there’s the basic pledge, to try and see what the game will be like without opening a loan, maybe some add-ons during the pledge manager will be added… But by now everyone, or almost everyone, yearns for the two magic words of campaigns modern kickstarters: All In.

Mountains of miniatures, meeples, cards, tokens, enclosed in cubic meters of boxes that sometimes reach head height. Dozens of exclusive components and expansions, which you will almost never find again, surrounded by premium components, playmats, sundrops and so on and so forth. The paradise of compulsion, accumulation and joy of many table players. Pledging an All In is the quintessence of buying on kickstarter.


The wait. You wait sometimes for a year, or even for two with bad luck, until the pallet of boxes comes home. And here comes the unboxing, the other supreme delight. And meanwhile thoughts like “ok, this is a game. Seven boxes. Where do I put them? When will I be able to play everything? But above all… I must quickly find a way to organize everything!”. After the delight, the cross.

Coming to terms with reality is never easy, especially after having enveloped more than 1000 cards, punched hundreds of tokens and admired dozens of splendid miniatures. If the eye wants his part, and an “All In“ fully satisfies it, the Jiminy Cricket of reason sooner or later creeps in and spoils the holidays.

Here it comes! The challenge of finding gaming buddies, willing to lend a hand while we get everything ready, and the search for products that can help the gaming experience of an “All In”.

Whichever group of “All In” lovers you belong to, We, The Dicetroyers, want to let you know that we understand you. Organizing board games is one of the cornerstones for fully enjoying this passion, and we are doing our best to bring order to the chaos inside the box, including those of Kickstarter editions.

Because the perfect “All In” is also an organized and playable “All In”. Happy “backing” everyone!

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