What can be more lethal than a competitive multiplayer board game? A competitive multiplayer board game on Game of Thrones!

The bloodiest and most merciless series of fantasy books of recent times has been declined in many forms, including a board game published by Fantasy Flight Games.

It is a strategic game involving 3 to 6 players who will take command of the main houses of Westeros to conquer the Iron Throne, using both the art of war and diplomacy.

In Game Of Thrones: The Board Game each turn is divided into three phases.

During the first, the Westeros phase, daily life events, and effects take place on a global scale; these can affect players’ strategies.

During the Planning, however, each player places a covered action token in one of the territories where his units are present: here the spirit of Game of Thrones comes to life, allowing players to negotiate shared alliances and strategies, but with the awareness that betrayal may be around the corner.

In the last Action phase, the results of the actions are seen and conflicts between players are resolved, using cards related to one’s own house to influence the fate of the battle; the conquered territories then strengthen one’s influence and raise the chances of sitting on the Iron Throne.

Commanding armies is all a matter of organization and skillful management of the elements of the game: for this reason, those who want to conquer the Iron Throne can only rely on the Organizer for Game of Thrones: The Board Game.

The Organizer is designed to accommodate the second edition of the game, which includes two additional expansions, A Clash of Kings and A Storm of Swords, which further enrich an already rich board game.

Each player will have to manage the army pawns, furtherly divided into different types of units, the action tokens and the house tokens: for this reason our Organizer divides all these elements for each player in dedicated trays, decorated with the symbol of the relative house, Lannister, Stark, Baratheon, Greyjoy, Tyrell or Martell.

A board with shaped slots allows you to accommodate and store the Iron Throne, Raven, and Sword trophies, as well as tokens for the number of players.

Cards are another important mechanics for the board game and regulate different aspects of the game, each with its own reference deck: we thus have a card holder for the base game, divided in turn into three spaces for round cards and one space below for the player screens, brute cards, reverse battle cards, and a card holder for expansions, which can hold up to 310 sleeved cards.

Finally, all the other tokens find their place in a special tray, with slots dedicated to stock, victory (plus brute token and round-marker), garrison, and neutral force tokens.

Thanks to our clever design skills, it’s very quick to set up the board game and start the game without wasting time.

Set-up, shut up and sit on the Iron Throne!

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