At their peak, the greatest dynasties of Ancient China possessed such immense power to be able to shape nature itself… And you, the player, will have to indulge your emperor’s will by exercising this power as a… gardener. 

In Tang Garden, 1 to 4 players will play the role of Designer of the Garden of the Majestic Limpid Lake on behalf of Emperor Xuanzong of the Tang dynasty: your work will become the celebration of empire, nature and life itself. 

This premise reveals much of the gameplay of Tang Garden: it is certainly not an action or conquest board game, but a spiritual and almost Zen title, in which much of the pleasure derives from the very beauty of one’s creation, transposed on the board with solid molds, silk-screened wooden markers and miniatures. 

Thanks to these elements, united by a great care in graphics and materials, your garden comes to life turn after turn with tiles and cards: each player can choose whether to place a tile on the field and increase their harmony with nature, attracting characters who will offer him new abilities; or draw cards to find decorations to place in the garden. 

By fulfilling various conditions, prestige points will be obtained that will determine the winner at the end of the game… But the beauty of the game is the journey: winning or losing, each player will come out of the game a little more calm and in harmony with nature, appreciating the loveliness of your garden that emerges from the game board with trees, pavilions and views. 

The basic game contains a game board and a starting grid, 60 garden tiles, 54 decoration cards, 60 coins, 16 lantern tokens (plus 4 for solitaire play), 4 player boards, 12 character cards and as many miniatures, 8 large and 12 small landscape tiles, 8 large and 8 small landscape tokens, 36 decorations including three-dimensional tiles and structures, 12 cubes, 4 character tokens and 1 token to indicate the first player. 

Several expansions are added to this already rich content, such as Ghost Stories, Golden Age, The Wayfarer and The Herbalist

Tang Garden has many game elements, among which some delicate and difficult 3D structures to store… How could you think to create harmony in the Emperor’s garden if you can’t even put order in your own game box? Do not worry because the Organizer for Tang Garden comes to your rescue. 

The Organizer is designed for the base game or for the version with Ghost Stories and Golden Age, also keeping extra spaces for The Wayfarer and The Herbalist expansions, or for the additional content of the Kickstarter version. 

Specifically, a card holder allows you to separate the cards of the base game from those one of the expansion into different slots: a similar division is also applied to the two boxes for lantern tokens (in which the retail version and the Kickstarter version are also distinguished) and to the two miniature holders, made with two special boxes that block the base of the miniatures to keep them well ordered and protected. 

The differences between the retail version and the Kickstarter version also influences the design of the coin holder and the coin purse, divided by denominations and also designed for exclusive metal coins for Backers. 

A box accommodates the landscape tiles, a tray the decorations and a container the land tiles, separating all the elements by type. 

All the elements for players setup are collected in one tray: character cards, player tokens, dice and components from expansions. 

Finally, a box is dedicated to decorations, with particular regard to pagodas, trees, bridges: special slots keep them in place, while the sides protect them even if they are placed under other components inside the box. 

All the elements of the Organizer are finely decorated, not only to indicate to the player where to place the game components, but also to best represent the aesthetics and spirit of Tang Garden: silhouettes of buildings, mountains and trees, and engravings with koi carp, tao and leaves recall the aesthetic style of the game and enrich the Organizer. 

Now shut up, set up and be zen! 

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