The Dicetroyers was born with a specific goal: to give players more time to devote themselves to their passion and improve their gaming experience, carefully organizing all the elements before, during and after their matches.

But how is this objective actually achieved?

In the first place, it is the result of our experience because, before being producers of Organizer, we are also board gamers and for this reason we can develop a product that has truly gets into the core of boardgames.

We experienced the long setup times on our skin, the horror of lifting the lid of the box and finding all the components chaotically mixed together, the unbridgeable void left by a meeple, a card, a card or a token vanished and nowhere to be found.

For this reason our Organizers offer several smart solutions that facilitate the preparation of the game and ensure that nothing is lost, even when the boardgame is transported from one place to another: boxes with locking systems, rails that hold in place (and ready the setup of) miniatures, card slip-proof deck boxes, cover panels and much more.

In designing the Organizers we carefully study all the elements of the game chosen to find the most suitable solution to accommodate them, sometimes introducing some completely new for the most peculiar boardgames, such as the housing for the Barrage Construction Wheels.

Our design is also about the dimensions of the original box: with the exception of some particular games with All In expansions (reported in the product sheet), all our Organizers are designed to allow their insertion in the original game box, guaranteeing a flush closure.

This is possible thanks to a clever interlocking game worthy of the best game of Tetris, which allows trays, boxes, panels, rails and deck holders to coexist in the little space available.

Our attention in designing the Organizers also allows us to leave enough space to sleeved cards, as every good player should always keep them intact: all our Organizers allow you to use 60 micron sleeves, while for some products we indicate if thicker sleeves can be used.

Our Organizers, however, can also have a life of their own, as they do not necessarily need the original box and can be used as they are thanks to the rigid structure of HDF, the wooden fiber we use for all our creations.

We also care a lot about aesthetics, so we always try to embellish our creations with decorative elements inspired by the boardgame contained by the Organizer, such as the coats of arms of Game of Thrones houses or the biohazard symbol for Zombicide.

Many times these decorative elements also provide useful information to the player, for example by indicating in which slot a given game element should be placed by recalling the associated symbol or by separating the components by tribe, team or faction.

It is thanks to this care and attention to design that we can offer you the Organizers for your favorite games!

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