Only one will prevail!

Although set in the Scottish Highlands and centered around a struggle for supremacy, the goal of Glen More II: Chronicles is not to behead other Immortals, but to lead your clan to success, conquering territories and acquiring wealth from the Middle Ages to the 19th century.

Over the course of four rounds, each player (two to four) can develop their village, expand their influence on the other territories of Scotland, increase their pastures, grow barley to brew whiskey, sell their products and occupy castles and loch to gain the necessary points for victory.

Glen More II: Chronicles is therefore a strategic board game with economic and construction mechanics, which asks the player to make the right decision at the right time to take advantage of the evolving game scenario.

One of the most interesting elements of the game is the scoring: Victory Points are calculated based on the difference between your own resources and those of the player most at a disadvantage; on the other hand, you are penalized if your village is larger than the smallest village and the last player of the previous round is the first to start in the next, thus gaining an advantage.

Glen More II: Chronicles also integrates a dynamic economic system, in which the sale and purchase prices of goods are based on the actual availability of the resource, so that buying and selling actions must be planned at the right time.

The player will also be able to ‘recruit’ famous Scottish heroes who will allow him to gain important advantages in his fight for dominance.

Finally, the game includes eight Chronicles, variations of the base game that introduce new objectives or mechanics to increase its longevity and encourage players to experiment with new strategies.

Glen More II: Chronicles contains 40 Scottish meeples and 40 alliance tokens (10 per color), 40 coins, 25 whiskey barrels, 11 historic location cards, 28 pennies, 14 penny mobster tokens, 19 penny mobster, 90 resource tokens of 5 types, 11 Historic Location cards, 70 Victory Point tokens, 70 tiles, 16 reward tokens, 1 David Humes tile, 2 river tiles, 1 England token and 1 English meeple, 1 market row, 4 starting territory tiles and 8 Chronicles.

With all this content to manage, how do you focus on the glory of your clan? Fortunately, there is the second best friend of every Scot (the first is whiskey of course): the Organizer for Glen More II: Chronicles!

The Organizer allows you to house all the contents of the game, including those for the retail version and the exclusive Kickstarter, in an orderly manner, ensuring that everything remains in its place during the transport of the box and speeding up the set-up of the game.

Four boxes hold everything each player needs to get started, thus dividing meeples and tokens by color.

Two trays with three compartments allow you to organize and separate resources by type, while a third is used to collect Victory Points (with five slots depending on the value) and coins.

A box is dedicated to the Chronicles, with special slots for the river tiles, a container separates the tiles into six slots, while a card holder collects the clan tiles and offers a drawer for the dice.

Each element has been finely decorated to reproduce the Scottish aesthetic, while engravings on the bottom of each housing show to the player indications on where to insert each component.

Now shut up, set up and Alba gu bràth!

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