Looking for the perfect Halloween game? So why not immerse yourself in a world of madness and horror in pure Lovecraftian style? After all, the worst that can happen is losing mental sanity …

Arkham Horror is a Living Card Game strongly inspired by Lovecraftian masterpieces and is set in Arkham, in the fascinating background of the American Roaring Twenties.

Arkham Horror combines  RPG mechanics with those of card games, resulting in an exciting mix that fits both solo and cooperative play, with two players (or four, with two copies of the base set).

Players will step into the shoes of one of the five available characters who will have the thankless task of preventing the Ancients from crossing the threshold of our world and destroying it, collecting clues, solving mysteries, facing monsters and finding the means to stop the supernatural threat .

Deck building is the basis of the Arkham Horror gameplay experience: apart from some cards connected directly to the chosen character, the rest of the deck is completely at the player’s discretion, who can fill it with equipment, allies, spells, weapons, talents and events.

In this way the investigator will have to face not only the dangers of the body, but also those of the mind, because in the face of Eldritchian horrors it takes little to lose his mind …

The player can also perform actions, so that his abilities are not limited by the cards in his hand and thus exploiting the RPG elements of the game. But as the investigators advance their goals, so do the dark powers, turning the game into a race against time.

Due to its game structure, Arkham Horror LCG contains a mix of cards and tokens: to be precise, in the base version there are almost 230 cards between the players and those of the scenarios, while the tokens are almost 150, divided into five categories, to which are added five player cards with the relative mini cards.

Discipline, rigor, and organization are the only ways to keep your sanity and make the most of every available moment… For this reason, the best weapon against the Ancients is the Arkham Horror Organizer!

Our Organizer contains a card holder with four slots which, in turn, can be divided into four other compartments to suit each player’s organizing needs – after all, we all have our own mind sets and Arkham Horror offers a wide variety of cards to choose from.

You can therefore divide the two macro-categories of cards, player and scenario, and then organize them as desired in the elegant card holder, decorated with Lovecraftian-themed engravings and shapes. Here you can store up to 300 cards in 60 micron sleeves, thus leaving a margin of 70 slots for expansions without sacrificing their protection.

The 44 chaos tokens are housed in a dedicated key holder box, while the other tokens can be stored in a container with four slots: the symbol of the corresponding token is engraved on the bottom of each space, including wounds, horror, clues and resources, while the he height of the outer edges allows you to store the player cards without fear of them being damaged.

For a more practical and enjoyable gaming experience, we provide a bundle with the Organizer and the card stand: you can’t miss it!

Have you become so passionate (or completely insane!) about the world of Arkham Horror and have enriched your collection with expansions? Try our themed Storage Systems, available in medium or large size.

Now shut up, set up and Ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

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