These past years were very difficult: between the crisis and the pandemic, the world of the board game suffered a lot, and the great events that in the past cheered our weekends are only memories.

But every story has its twists and turns, and here we are, in 2022, armed and ready to resurrect from the ashes the most anticipated event in Italy in the world of play: the Modena Play!

To be honest, even last year we, The Dicetroyers, were present with our stand at this event, and it was the first sigh of relief of what we hoped to be a new atmosphere, free from all those restrictions that in these difficult years the pandemic has imposed on us.

It will be an edition full of news, games and fun. You will find us at stand B13, in the beating heart of the fair, while we will try to bring order to chaos, as is our nature.

You will be able to touch our setuppers and try our accessories, which will be available for the purchase directly at the fair. It will be the right occasion, for those who have never tried our products, to share the experience of the final set up with us, and for those who already know us to see our new releases.

Present at the roll call:

Paolo, the engine of this splendid machine: without him, nothing comes out of our warehouse, logistics in person.

Francesco, the aesthete: everything that is beautiful in our products … comes from him!

Giorgio, the commercial: the driving force of The Dicetroyers, to go towards infinity … and beyond!

Alessandro, the designer: the number one enemy of disorder, every tray you see comes from him. The spark of every project.

We are ready to brainstom with your ideas, evaluate new projects and opportunities together and listen to your voice in this fantastic world. Because freedom is participation.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit!

Discover also the other games in our catalog and contact us for any request or question!