Once upon a time there were board games, those with which we all grew up, such as Monopoly, Risk or Cluedo, which remind us of family evenings and parties with friends.

At a certain age, however, many people leave the boxes to pick up dust in the drawers, moving on to more technological entertainment experiences or considering them too childish now.

Still, the world of boardgames continues to be active, now more than ever.

Because if you look beyond the colored Monopoly banknotes, there is a whole universe of gameplay to draw on, a strategic complexity worthy of Machiavelli and a sometimes obsessive aesthetic care.

The boardgames are not only alive and wealthy, but they are experiencing their Renaissance: many new producers, many fairs, many fans and associations to involve them and above all many, many games, with 4000 new titles only in 2018.

It is more than a commercial phenomenon, it is an increasingly rooted and expanding culture, involving an increasing number of people, not just hardcore fans: just think of the fame enjoyed by Lucca Comics & Games in Italy in recent years with record numbers for tickets and presences, and which allowed to embrace a diverse audience, introducing to new and stimulating boardgames playable at the stands of the Board Games pavilion.

But without necessarily going to Lucca, boardgames are also making their appearance in bookstores and other non-specialized shops, flanked by game libraries, bars and pubs dedicated to gaming, and associations in the area that promote the culture of gaming and meeting between people.

Certainly this expansion has been supported by a greater one in the market, with increasingly punctual and precise locations for the benefit of the novices.

For the more passionate, there are fairs dedicated exclusively to boardgames, such as that of Essen in Germany, which is considered among the most important in the sector and which in 2019 has exceeded 200 thousand presences, or the very Italian Modena Play, with 44 thousand participations always in 2019.

Upstream, we find a whirlwind of creativity, a desire for experimentation and a sincere passion that allow us to create games of all kinds and for all tastes: from the most complex management system to the most immediate adventure, from the elaborate main board populated by dozens of miniatures to the most immediate and minimalist set-up.

Downstream, these new stimuli create dialogue and confrontation, unite people with the same passion and feed both the demand for new boardgames and the growth of culture, creating a virtuous circle.
And we at The Dicetroyers also contribute to this growth, offering a solution designed by boardgamers for boardgamers to improve their gaming experience: the Organizers, to speed up the preparation of the game and the reorganization of the elements at its end.

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