A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …

The story of Star Wars is not built only by the great battles between the Rebels and the Empire, the Jedi and the Sith: against the backdrop of the great conflicts between Good and Evil, pilots, bounty hunters and smugglers try to earn not only credits, but also fame and respect. . And what better place to conduct unlawful activities than the Outer Rim?

In Star Wars – The Outer Rim, the players, new marauders in the galaxy far, far away, will compete to become the best of their profession: the goal is to be the first to reach the number of Fame Points required by carrying out jobs, collecting bounties, strengthening the your ship and completing your character’s personal goals.

Each turn, players will have to plan their actions as they explore the planets and routes of the Outer Rim, displayed on a board made up of several tiles that form a wide arc. The board game is designed above all to challenge the players against the game itself (favoring solo play), but there are opportunities for a direct confrontation between the different crews.

Each activity carried out will not only bring new resources and new fame, but will inevitably create sympathy or stamp the foot of one of the four factions (Rebels, Empire, Hutt and Syndicate), influencing the events that the player will have to face.

Star Wars: Outer Rim is a climax of citations to the Lucas universe, from the graphic care of each element to the characters that can be interpreted or enlisted in the crew.

Having released in 2019, the game features a very diverse cast, bringing together more than 40 years of movies, TV series, books and games, featuring both famous faces like Han Solo and Boba Fett, and characters known to avid fans, such as the agents of the Black Sun, Thrawn and Hondo.

The board game features a large number of game elements, including tokens, cards and very elaborate character cards, thus requiring great care for their organization inside the box and for their setup for the game.

To set everything up in less than 12 aeons, The Dicetroyers offers the Organizer for Star Wars: Outer Rim.

The Organizer contains a tray dedicated to character cards and ships, which collects the cards themselves and all the matched indicators (pins and affiliation tokens) to immediately go on an adventure with your favorite scoundrel.

A deck box with multiple slots is reserved for generic cards, while a tray with lift mechanism serves as a marketplace for items that can be purchased during the game, making these cards easier to access.

The character tokens are contained in a dedicated tray, while another container collects the currency (dividing the coin denominations into different compartments), the navigation buoys and the damage tokens.

The map is housed in a special container, which also includes spaces for patrols and encounter tokens.

For the dice we have prepared a tray on purpose, with a felt covered surface to throw them in absolute comfort and without the risk of them flying everywhere.

Shut up, set up and let the Wookie win!

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