The “Geek” culture is very wide and varied and there is a good chance that if one likes board games, one might also find interesting video games, sci-fi or TV series, to name a few. 

Therefore it’s not unusual for board games to pull ideas from these areas, hitting the geek pride. In recent years, there have been several video games-to-board games transpositions, such as Fallout, Dark Souls and Resident Evil

But in addition to the most universally known brands there are also those born as “Indie”, which have accomplished great success such as – This War of Mine

This War of Mine – The Board Game tries to faithfully emulate the atmosphere and mechanics of the original video game, which was able to stand out thanks to its deep narration and emotional involvement. 

The plot is about a city at war, but don’t be fooled: the protagonists are not brave soldiers who face the enemy army, but civilians caught in the crossfire, trying to survive the horrors of war. 

Hunger, cold, disease and critical situations will ask the player to make difficult choices, which will impact the survival of the characters and the epilogue of the story. 

The board game offers a campaign system, managed with scripts and a deck of 200 cards, which accompany the players in the course of the events triggered by their actions, with a rich narrative.

It is important to underline that this is an adventure game, with multi-ending gameplay: much of the pleasure comes from the emotional and narrative aspects, and from the drama of the consequences of own actions, which will be realized in the end thanks to the epilogue system. 

Even though being cooperative, the game tends to focus on a single character over the course of events, so in some ways it encourages solo-playstyle. 

This War of Mine – The Board Game is organized in different phases, divided in day and night. 

During the day, the characters can rest and work inside their shelter; cooking, building new equipments and defenses, clearing rubble, and so on. 

During the night, they will go out to scavenge new resources triggering events, but also they will have to defend their refuge from any nighttime raids of bandits. 

Besides the 200 cards mentioned, the board game contains a diary, a board, 12 miniatures, 4 dices, 186 markers and nearly 40 plastic tokens of various types, without counting the contents of the Tales from the Ruined City expansion. 

Make order in a war-torn city by choosing the Organizer of This War of Mine – The Board Game, which is also compatible with the Tales from the Ruined City expansion. 

Our Board Game Organizer allows you to intelligently separate different components, making them easy to find during the setup and the game itself. 

Specifically, we have prepared one box for weapons, one for food, one for objects, one for medicines and one for status tokens.

A card tray with five slots allows you to store cards, even enveloped, and to divide them in categories. 

A second tray has space for larger cards and several containers to separate dices and different plastic resources. 

A rack allows you to store and secure the 12 miniatures, while another tray allows you to organize the remaining tokens. 

Now shut up, set up and survive! 

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