H.P. Lovecraft was a prolific novelist who lived between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He was one of the founding fathers of the Dark Fantasy genre, creator of worlds and characters. And who would have imagined that in the twenty-first century his works would become the pillars on which the most famous video game sagas, board games, role-playing games, films and TV series still rest?

Geek culture surely knows how to embellish pearls like Cthulhu’s Call and Dunwich Horror by immersing atmospheres, characters and locations in role-playing and tabletop masterpieces. Fantasy Flight Games, one of the publishers who currently owns the copyrights of the Lovecraftian world, has been able to exploit the Great Old Ones, Azathoth and of course Cthulhu, forging an incredible number of titles.

Let’s talk about Arkham Horror, Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness, to name a few.

One of the most successful titles from this publisher is Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Milestone of the so-called LCG (Living Card Game) genre, more than a game we are talking about an immersive experience in the world of Lovecraft, where detectives investigate strange and mysterious events in Arkham (and where else?).

Very well thoughtful mechanics take the characters we play into Victorian-style mansions, or into Miskatonic University, or in dark cellars and dark dungeons. Worlds and creatures materialize before our eyes with a common denominator to guide us during the games: the cards!

Hundreds, indeed, thousands of playing cards, each of which is unique and part of a settings, or of a specific character. Objects, consumables, accessories, events complete this triumph of playing cards which, once revealed, feed our imagination.

There is the basic set, recently reissued in a renewed guise, graphically, of a few hundred cards. And there are expansions, small and large, and other investigator sets; in short, many more cards!

To try to tame the chaos (not only in Arkham, but also in your homes!) we went out of our way, organizing the basic set with a dedicated organizer that can be inserted in the box, but also, and above all, with two standalone accessories capable of to hold even the weight of an Ancient One inside.

The usual card holder with dividers was not enough for us: Arkham is a strange place, almost banal at first sight, but it hides a thousand surprises behind the doors of its houses. The deck boxes of our organizer, compatible with the 2016 edition of the LCG, and the Storage System Medium and Storage System Large, which can host the cards of both versions of the game, are revealed thanks to a rotation mechanism which in in the blink of an eye it will allow you to select the deck you need, when you need it. Removable dividers complete the organization experience, to adapt the slots to small, medium, or large decks. 

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