Board game lovers face many challenges: escape a zombie apocalypse, lay down an oppressive galactic empire (or wipe out Rebel scum from the galaxy, depending on your point of view), make another planet habitable or gain supremacy in Westeros lands. In any case, the stakes in each match are very high.

But there is a battle that even the most skilled strategists, the luckiest gamblers and the most diplomatic speakers have difficulty winning: that against the time.

The best matches are also the longest and most hard-fought ones, and many games require at least a couple of hours, but free time is what it is, between a thousand commitments and busy chores.

Now, since many board games give their best with 3 or 4 players, we must take into account the way to find the astral conjunction that allows one’s (little) free time to coincide with that of all the others… Who has ever organized a game session knows very well how dramatic this can be!

In short, there is not a minute to lose!

Too often, however, the best games are also the most complex to setup: we are talking about meeples and tokens of all shapes and colors, infinite decks of cards, modular tiles to assemble to always create new scenarios, character boards to be set and armies of miniatures to deploy.

And here too, we come back to our sworn enemy: time.

Using half an hour or more to prepare an already long match is certainly frustrating and the internal organization of the game boxes is often poor: once pieces have been removed from the original packaging, it will be difficult to create a satisfactory organization and often in a single ziplock will be placed very different game pieces, which will have to be tediously separated from each other…

And let’s not talk about the tragedy if you have to move the 1000-component board game to someone else’s house: the chances of lifting the lid and facing a disaster are capable of shaking even the hearts of the most reckless ones.

However, there is a solution to all these problems, which can be summarized in one word: organizer.

The organizers not only allow to keep all the game components in order, but they are arranged to facilitate setup, gameplay and the dismantling of the battlefield.

In particular, in order for setup to be as quick as possible, all main elements of each individual board game must be taken into consideration: in short, there can never be a universal solution for all boardgames, but there is the need for fine tailoring to create a custom-made product, which fits the game box and its contents.

In points, an organizer offers important advantages:

  • ease in removing and storing the game elements;
  • speed in game setup;
  • optimization of spaces during the game;
  • support in the transport of the box.

As a plus value, the organizer itself can have a captivating, thematic and refined look, thus combining functionality and beauty in a single fantastic product.

The Dicetroyers were born precisely to meet these needs: we study our products with a maniacal care to create customized organizers for each game, extremely functional and aesthetically detailed.

Our mission is to make all you board game fans play better, eliminating downtime before, during and after the match, to let you concentrate only on the pleasure of the game.

Discover our catalog and contact us for any request or question!