Our civilization is a complex tapestry in which billions of threads have been woven over millions of years to bring us to where we are today: but what if there was a cosmic tailor to guide this process? 

Tapestry is a civilization board game in which each player (1 to 5) starts from scratch to develop their civilization and accumulate victory points, by leading their people on one or more of the evolutionary tracks available: technology, exploration, war and science. 

Round after round, era after era, each player can choose whether to focus on one of these paths to excel in that field or balance them all in favor of greater flexibility: these decisions, crossed with the asymmetry of the civilizations available (16 in total) , will allow you to enjoy a good replay value and offer interesting interactions between players. 

The civilization development is reflected on the board which is populated by buildings and structures, based on historical and cultural advancement, ranging from thatched houses to launching platforms for spaceships; meanwhile the central map is explored and conquered by placing the hexagonal tiles  so valuable to civilizations. 

Thus, alongside the pleasure of exploring different playstyles, there is the satisfaction of seeing one’s civilization concretely and physically develop, which is one of Tapestry‘s strong points, in addition to the dedication for the miniatures and illustrations. 

To complete the game mechanics, two decks of cards are added; one for the  developed technologies and one for the Tapestry cards used to receive bonuses, end eras, earn points or for the management of resources to continue own evolution. 

To develop its world, Tapestry deploys 18 unique painted miniatures, 50 outpost tokens, 100 building tokens, 48 territory tiles, 15 space tiles, 20 resource tokens, 65 player tokens, 83 cards (plus 28 Automa), 16 civilization boards (one per tribe), 6 boards for the capital, 5 Income boards, 1 Automa board and 3 dices. 

To wisely weave the threads of your civilization, you need to carefully arrange them and that’s why we created the Organizer for Tapestry! 

Our Organizer allows you to neatly store all the components of the board game to offer a better gaming experience by reducing the time of set up and reordering, and ensuring that they remain in place during transport; and the game is always kept inside its original packaging! 

A tray is reserved for capital boards, civilizations boards and player sheets, while a system of vertical compartments allows to accommodate the territory and space tiles separeted in piles. 

Three card holders allow you to separate the Automa, Technologies and Tapestry decks, while everything you need for each player is arranged in one of the five boxes, separated in different slots based on the type of component and with shutter closure, to immediately start the game! 

The eighteen buildings are placed in as many housings with a rail system, to ensure that they remain in place, divided between five boxes: one with six spaces for generic buildings, while the other four are dedicated to the three buildings of the evolutionary paths available. 

Finally, the first player or winner is honored with a banner we have specifically created! 

And to reflect Tapestry’s care in developing civilization, we have payed particular attention to the decorations: they not only allow you to immediately recognize what is housed in a given space, but embellish the Organizer with designs and shapes. 

Now shut up, set up and get enough resources! 

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