A strategic engine building game that does not involve battles for territories and sabotage between players, and which rather enjoys a picturesque setting and an educational background… Is such a board game really possible?

This was the challenge of the all-female team of Wingspan and it was largely won, as evidenced by the numerous prizes awarded by this boardgame including the prestigious Essen ‘Game of the Year for expert players’ in 2019.

The theme around which Wingspan revolves is certainly unusual for the world of board games: ornithology.

The task of the players, from 1 (with special Automa rules) to 5, will in fact be to earn points by placing different birds, shown with beautiful illustrations on the 170 cards of the deck and accompanied by information on the avian species, on their game board, earning points and achieving goals to determine the winner after 4 game rounds and a total of 26 actions.

Players must alternate round-by-round short-term goals with a more elaborate long-term strategy, making full use of the birds and resources at their disposal.

In addition to the 170 cards in the deck, the game employs 5 player boards, a scoreboard, 26 bonus cards, 16 cards for solitaire mode, 75 egg tokens, 103 food tokens, 40 action cubes, 8 objective tiles and 5 wooden dice, to be used in the special dice tower in the shape of a bird house.

To keep all these game elements well organized, we have created an Organizer for Wingspan, which allows to accommodate not only the basic version, but also the European expansion, in addition to the original American ones.

The Organizer includes a card holder with different slots, to divide the cards by type and to keep the three bird cards face up; the housings keep the bunches firmly in place without hindering extraction, thanks also to the shaped surface.

A tray with five slots allows you to divide the food tokens, while a box with six spaces is dedicated to the eggs, so as to separate them by color. Player cubes are placed in two containers with three slots, while one box holds the objective tiles.

Inside the Organizer there is a space to place the folding ‘manger’, but if you want to elevate your experience even more, we also offer our reinterpretation of Wingspan dice tower!

Designed as an accessory for the Wingspan game, this solid hdf dice tower will guarantee perfect casts and an impeccable closure, thanks to the innovative rotation mechanism; however, nothing prevents it from being used for other games with dice not larger than those of Wingspan.

The Organizer and the dice tower, which can be purchased together as a bundle, are richly decorated with avian-themed engravings and silhouettes, combining the convenience of organizing game elements with aesthetic pleasure.

Now shut up, set up and bird watch!

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