Do you know that famous phrase, now cliché, of “This town is too small for both of us”? This can be the motto of Terra Mystica, replacing “town” with “world” and “two” with “fourteen”. 

Terra Mystica is a management / strategy game of civilization, in which players, from two to five, have to accumulate victory points by growing their settlement, taking different actions in each turn to build and accumulate resources. 

To achieve victory, you will therefore need to shape the territory according to the needs of the people, which often do not correspond to those ones of other inhabitants. 

The world of Terra Mystica is divided into seven environments, each one is inhabited by two races: the Fakirs and Nomads in the Desert, the Halflings and Cultists in the Plains, the Alchemists and Darklings in the Swamps, the Sirens and Swarmlings in the Lake, the Witches and Aurens in the Forests, Dwarves and Engineers in the Mountains and the Giants and the Chaos Wizards in the Wastelands. 

The evolution of buildings unlocks new specific abilities for different races and allows you to develop a Cult, which is essential for enhancing your ability to terraform the surrounding world; converting it into lands that are favorable to your people and your neighbor, but unfavorable to the other races. 

Terra Mystica contains a map, a board for Cults and 7 for Factions, 56 terrain tiles, 65 worker tokens, 85 coins, 65 power tokens, 17 action tokens, 28 favor tiles, 9 bonus tiles, 10 city tiles, 133 buildings, 49 priests, 49 pawns, 8 score tiles and 5 point tokens. 

In addition to this huge content (all made of materials of excellent workmanship, especially the wooden meeples), you must consider the expansions Terra Mystica: Fire & Ice and Terra Mystica: Merchants of the Seas : how could you hope to build an entire civilization if you can’t manage all these pieces? 

For this reason, we offer the Terra Mystica Organizer, both in Basic and All-In.

In the basic version, all components are stored in three boxes and two trays, which fit together perfectly. 

The races are divided into a seven-slots container based on their territory, with extra space for others tokens. 

The Cities find their place in their own five-slots special tray, which also holds the end-of-game tokens. 

A different box allows you to store resources tokens,dividing them by workers, land tiles and coins: while another box contains power tokens and summary sheets. 

Finally, a tray with nine slots separates the favor cards by type and cult. 

The All-In version is designed to allow to put the organizer in the original base box and in one of the expansions’; if inserted inside the basic game box , the lid will rise by about five centimeters, but thanks to a special lift it is possible to obtain a perfect closure, while in the “Terra Mystica Big Box” version the lid will remain raised by about two centimeters. 

To accommodate the new components of the two expansions, we have added new boxes and trays, replanning the configuration to guarantee the maximum speed for the “set-up”, and the maximum order in the box. 

Some logos of the elements of the Organizer are chiselled, both for decoration and to provide easy indications where to place each game component. 

Now shut up, set up and civilize! 

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